Literal Latte

Literary Society in collaboration with Publications committee welcomes you all to a LITERAL-LATTEcreative/story writing competition in which 3-4 topics will be displayed at the time of event and participants will be given a good one hour to write anything about the topic. Those who do not want to display their names may use their student ids. Event is open for all the currently enrolled students, faculty and staff of TIP and is aimed to provide a platform for new writers to present their skills. Prizes will be given to first, second and third positions and best writings will be included in the upcoming ‘Talking Textures’ (TIP’s annual student magazine).

Date: 4th November 09 in TISF slot
Venue: Lecture Theatre, TIP

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Frustrations all around!

By Waqas Bin Azhar, TMM4

I would like to start with the time, time just before TIP, when I was searching for some of good business schools in news paper, publications etc, then I found TIP ad in the Jung newspaper and thought to apply for it and fortunately cleared the test and interview. Since I had no information about TIP therefore I asked to some of people in textiles, they told to go for it, fortunately I did not find any chance to ask some of out of textile business people, any way I got admission in TIP and was very happy as I found very good environment in fact I was very much happy to see the top class and really quality faculty. But as the time passes, instead of increase in the happiness, the level of frustrations increases. You must be thinking that if I’ve been suffering from this stage then why I wrote this article so late??

The reason is, this frustration is now being overflowed and compelled me to put up my thoughts on Quack… I will be discussing those issues which need attention. These issues are related to the concern of existing student body. Continue reading “Frustrations all around!”

Freshman Gala 09

TISF did it again. Finally, after tiring elections campaigns and debates the TISF was able to put forth their first ravishing event of this semester. The Freshmen GALA! Despite of all those small issues that TISF faced during the GALA, it went really well. The show was really entertainingaa and this year we had something more than the old conventional segments of GALA. Hat’s off for new TISF and for all those who were a part of the managing team. Well done boys keep it up!!

Instead of having the same old conventional segments this year we had some new ones introduced in GALA; Talent Hunt and TIP Freshmen Awards. We also had the Oath taking Ceremony of the newly elected TISF board and the TISF coordinator took the oath. Continue reading “Freshman Gala 09”

TISF Gala 2009

Newly elected TISF body finally kicked out its very first event “Freshman Gala 2009”. TIP hasgala1 always this tradition of welcoming freshman with music, dance and drama performances. Though it was late this time due to Ramadan and then due to the postponement of elections; Gala proved to be a fresh welcome for the newcomers.

Equipped with scintillating dancing performers (only male 🙂 ), musical performances and few of the funny videos; freshman gala was witnessed by almost every student, some of the faculty and staff members as well. Event started with the oath taking ceremony which obviously went in extreme noise followed by a welcoming video for freshman. With the graduation of few talented video and drama makers; videos were good to applaud but not that attractive as they used to be in the past. Continue reading “TISF Gala 2009”

Free Medical Camp

Rotaract Club of TIP conducted a free medical camp at Manghophir Karachi along with the collaboration of Child Health Foundation (CHF). Rotaract has always provided us with plenty of opportunities to serve humanity and meet new people belonging to different professions. Image243Serving humanity as a community service is something which always gives us that energy to do more and more. Same passion and energy took us to a free medical camp at a Madersah in Mangophir area of Karachi. Three Rotaractors from Rotaract Club of Textile Institute of Pakistan (Ahmed A Rehman, Rameez Ahmed Khan and Ibad-ul-Islam) were present to coordinate the medical camp along with CHF doctors.

We were told to gather at the Eesa Nagari clinic of CHF at 9:00 am sharp on 18th October 09. As it was my first experience of this kind, I was excited and I reached a good 20 minutes earlier and found no one to welcome me except a guy named Arshad who was a social worker and owns his own school. Later, medical students from Agha Khan and other volunteers start Continue reading “Free Medical Camp”


One day, Birbal, King Akbar’s adviser and a famous philosopher of his time, was found wandering around in the market place of India with a lighted lantern in broad day light. He seemed to be looking for something, he had lost. People asked him what he was looking for, he said, “I am looking for an HONEST MAN, but I can’t find one.”untitled

Most of the people went away laughing, as it was joke. But some must have given it a thought what the old man meant. His act was meant to teach people a lesson that every nation must learn, especially ours, it is not wealth, that makes people great, but it’s their honesty; not money but character. A nation, having great wealth and strong army, however cannot produce “HONEST MAN”, is doomed. Continue reading “MEN WANTED!”