Halloween Carnival

halloDear All;
The Textile Institute Student Forum is organizing the fall semester carnival on Friday the 4th of Dec’09. Enjoy a spooky night with your friends in the wackiest and scariest costumes you can think of.

Hope to see you there! Spook you later.


Tribute to Junoon

By Sajjad Mehdi (TIMF)
This goes out for all the junooni’s out there in TIP. Well after almost a year when I first put the idea of paying tribute to one of the most outstanding group of musicians in our country to my friends at TIMF, it is finally going to be on air. Second of December 2009 is the date that isuntitled fixed and you can join us in the TISF slot. The performances will be full of Energy and the best part is that the sound system will be of highest quality unlike before. We would have never wanted you to buy tickets for this event but as we were left helpless by our very own TISF so decided to do it on our own. I hope to see all of you in the auditorium on Wednesday.

MOooovie Night…..!!!

By Shoaib Wahab, TMM3

TIP was under flood lights on Friday the 20th of November as there was a Movie Night which featured along with a movie show, a dance party and mouth-watering dinner. The event was an assignment given out to the sophomores as a project for their management course. The students who were willing to attend the night stayed after the university timings, the event started at around 8pm. The event was graced with the presence of 150 to 200 people including the Students, Outsiders, Texperts and some very few Faculty Members. Continue reading “MOooovie Night…..!!!”

TIP Cooking Competition, Comments by Faculty

It is very heartening that the work of students has been appreciated. Whatever good there was in the project was because of the students themselves. My basic objectives of the project assignment are:

1. To provide an opportunity to the students to apply the basic concepts of management.

2. To develop leadership abilities in them. As all the students cannot become leaders, yet they can become good followers by understanding the systems.

3. A successful project is not my target as people learn more by failure. The main idea is for them to understand whatwe nt wrong and how it could have been planned and/or executed better. This year, for example, they learned about the chain of command.

I acknowledge the support of all the faculty and staff for the successful execution of these projects, some of them are yet to take place. The positive role played by Saira Danish, Ali Hafeez, Seema Jilani, and Mohsin Raza is specially appreciated.

Saifuddin Kamran
Asst. Professor
Textile Institute of Pakistan Continue reading “TIP Cooking Competition, Comments by Faculty”

Textile Institute Entrepreneur Society (TIES)

By Bilal Saya, TMM3
I believe there is a vast gap between what we are taught and what happens in practical life in the textile industry of Pakistan. We are being taught all about textiles form spinning to weaving to non-woven and many more, certainly more than what people know in the industry but weAbstract Wallpapeassasars_00037 don’t get the chance to interact with people from the industry. We don’t know what people from the industry are currently focused on, what are their main concerns is it cheaper powergeneration or labour shortages or quality control in their respective fields like spinning, knitting etc. Product development is also a major concern like for example if a student wants to make running shoes like nike and addidas do. We know that the material used is mostly textiles but we don’t know how it is produced there are other numerous products like these which we can learn to produce with the knowledge that we are taught at TIP. Focusing on these issues and raising student awareness will be the main objective of the society.

So far these are the activities we plan on doing. We need your feedback and support to make it better. Continue reading “Textile Institute Entrepreneur Society (TIES)”

The Red Issue!

14345_181484927087_531762087_2780200_5789066_nArtists can color the sky red because they know it’s blue. Those of us who aren’t artists must color things the way they really are or people might think we’re stupid.

-Jules Feiffer

Watch out for SBlog’s THE RED ISSUE!

Coming Soon!




For the first time we bring you the most ravishing event at TIP, a Cooking Competition. A group of two can take part, first 10 groups will be preferred. Everything will be provided to the participants (except cutlery), you just need to cook. Event is free and is for all students, faculty & staff. Take part and prove yourself to be the TOP CHEF…

Date: November 25, 2009
Venue: Ground Floor, Design Department

For Details Contact;
Muhammad Mohsin Butt, Amm2
Hamza Shahab, Amm2
Faisal Gillani, Amm2

Note: Participation for the event is complete. The participants are requested to bring their own cutlery as per their requirement on the day of event.