BIC 2010…….TIES rOcK!!!

Coming back after attending the YLES 2010 in LUMS, our TIES team was very much energized to do something similar in our very own TIP!
So we decided to hold a Business Idea Competition.

Rules were pretty simple, we had our punchline as Think Global & Act Local.
Initially we got 17 teams that participated in the first round, and that was to submit a two pages executive summary of their business idea.
We already asked everybody to be as creative and innovative as possible but restricting oneself to business viability!!!

From these 17 teams we selected the top 8 teams, the judging panel for the first round consisted of students including the TIES members (Sarim, Amna, Shumaila, Dawood, Rida and Nussebah).

After the screening out of the 8 teams, we had our Final round on 24th Feb’ 2010 Wednesday TISF Slot. Each team gave a presentation of 5 minutes on their proposals.
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Where did all the Butterflies go…?

TIP was pleased by the visit of Michael Esson; Dir. IDRI, Professor at Glasgow School of Art and Dong Hua University, China. His recent art work is on display at VM art Gallery, Karachi. He shared his experiences and knowledge in a one day seminar held at TIP auditorium. He was the first artist who resided at Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh, for his inspiration with human anatomy as an artist.

In first session, he gave a brief about his organization, International Drawing Research Institute at CoFA, UNSW in Sydney, Australia. CoFA is one of the leading art schools in Australia providing graduate courses, masters and Ph.D. degree in fields related to Arts & Design.

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Work in progress :p

I, Rabbiya Abdullah and Nussebah Osman have started an un-official organizing committee, that will be organizing events and raising funds for charity. We are people who like having fun yet want to do our part for the society.

We have selected two committee members on basis of interest from each year of the design department and some have already been selected from the marketing department to assist us in organizing and making decisions. Further committee members will be selected according to participation.We had our first meeting a while back and the turn out was impressive. We decided on a name for the committee and settled with ‘T spectrum’ and people who were interested signed up as members.

Anybody who would like to join is welcome and can come and sit in on any of our meetings to see what we are all about. We took part in an event recently and raised a reasonably good amount. (Thanks to the people who helped out selflessly. Ahsan, Godil, Mustafa, Rameez, Habib, Jawad, Rida, Faizan, Uzair, Nabah and TDT1, Sherry, Nehdiyah and Saad)

We have agreed on a short term agenda and have also been offered sponsorship for our next event which we will be further discussing at our next meeting. We always talk about how we feel bad for the less privileged, yet we don’t want to give up the privileges God has blessed us with and so we are combining the two, so you can enjoy yet do a bit for those who don’t get to.

We hope to see you all at the next meeting!

Some Red for the Valintines Day!

The child sat there, his body covered in bruises, his left leg broken. However, his eyes focused on the cold body lying next to him. His blood-covered hand moved towards the soft, ardent face. His eyes searched for the warmth radiating from the face he knew so well. However, the eyes remained shut; the body numb. The child was a child no more. He had witnessed death: the death of his mother.
Happy Valintines Day!
Some Red for the valintines day!
This story is a story of just one of those millions who lose their loved ones everyday. Of those who are left to face the harsh realities of life. Of those who cry for help, their cries fading away unanswered. And do you know why their bitter cries remaim unanswered? It is because we flip through the T.V channels. We stop when we hear of a bomb blast. A wave of ocean and grief hits us.We shake our heads at the cruelty and the injustice, at the fate of the victoms. And then? and then we change the channel. And then we erase the picture from our memories. And it is then that their cries remain unanswered.
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CONDOLENCE – DR. Hafeez-ur-Rehman’s Son Passed Away


Dear all,

Son of Dr. Hafeez-ur-Rehman Sheikh passed away this morning. The members of Quack team, and faculty and students of TIP express deep sorrows on sudden demise of his Son.

Please pray for the deceased and the family.  May ALLAH bless and accept the soul in heaven and grant the family strength to bear this loss.



Good News for talented actors at TIP…

Dramatics Society Brings a one day theater workshop with Mr. Munnawar Ali, Founder & Director of Behroop Theater, on Tuesday, Febuary 23th 2010 in the Amphitheater in last slot.

Everyone is welcomed, be a part of dramatics of TIP..

For details:

Moiz Ashfaq (AMM2)

Mohsin Butt (AMM2)

Entries for the Talking Textures 2009-2010

Hi everyone,

The magazine team is on the go and awaits your precious contributions; I hope most of you would have started writing whatever you want to contribute.

  • Poems
  • Articles
  • Reports on events at TIP
  • Articles in Roman Urdu will also be appreciated

And we still have room for members in design and marketing team of the magazine, those who are interested can contact any member of the publication team.

We are thankful to those who have contributed. The last date for contribution is March 7th, 2010. Find more updates soon! Send your entries to:

Muhammad Mohsin Butt:

Amna Khan:

Rameez Ahmed Khan: