So you have it all figured out?

It’s almost three months since I came to Australia in the pursuit of higher studies from the ANU. When I left Pakistan I thought I had it all figured out but…

8 months back my parents, relatives and friends all had me going about meeting people who are currently living or studying in Australia just so that I could get an insight as to how different the environment is and how to go about adjusting in a totally unfamiliar place. I had met with quite a few people and heard their experiences but these were people who had actually survived the trials, these were all stories of success. There are quite a handful of students who aren’t able to continue with their studies for perhaps one reason or another but the main reason is why they aren’t able to is because they simply don’t have a plan to begin with. At times its just the fascination of the thought that you actually have the opportunity of experiencing something extraordinary that has you fueled for the journey but halfway through you find yourself short of the stuff that had you up and running. The people who already have been through this (success stories) are just too well oiled a part of the system that at times they just communicate their experiences as it were just a walk in the park. I do not blame them because things just tend to get easier as time passes on. You start to figure out things but what about the initial phase? Continue reading “So you have it all figured out?”

TISF ya TIP President!!!

Today I saw this participation certificate given to the students who took part in Hamd & Naat Competition ’10. Don’t know what was he thinking at that time, he, and even the organizers from Islamic Society, didn’t even noticed what was actually written under that line. Continue reading “TISF ya TIP President!!!”


After many controversies, disapprovals, de-marketing and rejections finally Textile Institute of Pakistan celebrated its mega event of the year 2010 on 9th April. Basant and concert were the two parts of that evening. Basant started at 4:00 pm and lasted till the start of the concert. I came across a stall selling tickets for ballet shows in the same place for the next week, and I took a couple passes. The weather was perfect with cool winds blowing, that shows the perfect planning. There was a kite stall and a chaat stall. People flew kites and ate chaat. Later the huge number of crowd was gathered when a surprise was given to the people by TISF came true; STING (an energy drink) team came to TIP and offered free energy drinks to all the people present over there and large amount of the drinks were consumed by the people. The dinner stall started selling chicken Tikka, roll (beef and chicken) at about 7:30 PM.

Continue reading “BASANT AND CONCERT 2010”


THANK YOU… Thank you all for making it such a wonderful event. When it started, it was like nearly impossible to manage such huge event in just 5 days, but we still carried on with the plan. Despite all the hurdles and problems we faced, TISF with help of different organizing committees and with cooperation of whole student body made it a happening. Being a part of organizing committee was a whole new experience, a tough one but yet I learned a lot. Continue reading “BEATS n ROCK”


Out of three finalist from all universities of Karachi, Talha Farooqui, textile design department 2nd year and also the Campus Development Secretary of this year, has been selected to perform in the final round of Sprite MAD about TV.

We, quack team and whole student body of TIP, congratulate Talha Farooqui for reaching finals and Best of luck for his next performance at Sprite MAD about TV finale…