Euuudcated by the UnEducated!!!

Someone beautifully said,

“A mind once stretched by a new idea never regains its original dimensions.”
I look around myself and I see PhDs and Masters, who simply cannot tolerate a word against them. They pride over what little they have achieved. Today, I pity at myself that I had been raised in an ignorant era with the bleakest minds around who helped me to stand where I am today, to help me stand where I could not even justify my existence to those to whom we have became slaves.

I pity everyone around who were just unable to listen to their deepest desires and dreams and eventually have lost their connection with their hearts.

It’s time to wake up and help our ownselves before it’s too late!

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IGATEX 2010 brings Hope to the hopeless.

The 6th International Garment, Textile Machinery and Accessories (IGATEX) exhibition 2010 opened at the Expo Centre Lahore on Friday. Advisor to Prime Minister on Textiles, Dr Mirza Ikhtiar Baig inaugurated the three-day exhibition attended by 450 foreign firms from 33 countries, including 20 from neighbouring India.

Dr.Mirza in his address, mentioned that the new Textile Policy 2009-2014 announced by the government of Pakistan sets ambitious target of $25 billion till 2014 and allows various incentives including concessional financing (LTF) to encourage capital investment in the value added textile industry.He also mentioned that Pakistan was approaching Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Turkey and Russia for trade concessions and market access similar to the EU.

“Only trade not Aid can resolve Pakistan’s problems” said Gohar Ejaz(Central Chairman All Pakistan Textile Mills Association APTMA) while addressing at the opening ceremony IGATEX 2010.. He said Pakistan’s textile sector was growing at a rate of 20 percent per annum.He said some 80 countries were already enjoying GSP plus status world-wide. The chairman mentioned that more than one million Pakistani families are likely to be economised within one year as a result of this trade opening.
In addition, he expressed the hope that an investment worth $5 billion would take place in next three years, generating more jobs. Mr.Gohar said only trade and consistent policies can save Pakistan and urged the international community to help it out further on this front.

Siyasi Ghat Jhor… 2010

By Iqra Izhar, FDM-1

Elections in TIP… a very good experience, a little different indeed from what I had in past, I had been through. The difference was that at least in those elections I saw competition, not one but two at least and sometimes even more than two candidates competing for one position. Continue reading “Siyasi Ghat Jhor… 2010”

The StUd is back in the block!!!

DEsIgNeR– cum-Graffiti artist– cum-Rapper-cum-Revolutionist cum- wHat Not……..and here he is back to where he belonged and all this for a course he just couldn’t get a hang on………I seriously pity u.

SAdly, but for sure, our people dont really value creativity.

OK, stop whining.

Let’s hear you out.

Since some of you think it is difficult, useless and dangerous to write/talk to the unreasonable faculty and management as individuals or in groups, and it is equally impossible to talk to Quack!’s editors (current and former) anonymously, let’s use a public wall to graffiti or spit out our troubles, shall we?

Be as anonymous as you like (in this post only), but tell the management what’s bothering you. Post a comment, vent out your troubles, but here’s how you do it.

Write your issue in a paragraph, and write a proposed solution in the next. Don’t lose focus. Don’t use trash language. That’s the only requirement for this process to work.

Once that’s done, let’s request the editors to personally take your complaints and issues to the concerned faculty members and managers, interview them, and bring back the results! How’s that for a journalistic laundry service?

You can start. Now.