Mr Waqar Malik – Chief Executive ICI Pakistan visits TIP

The Quack! team and student body of TIP thank Mr. Waqar Malik – Chief Executive AkzoNobel (previously ICI Pakistan),  for giving us sometime out of his busy schedule.

During his visit he was briefed about the new vision of TIP and strategic measures taken towards its achievement. After lunch with faculty members, in the cafeteria. He visited the campus along Mr. Tariq Ikram and Mr. Umair Saeed. Continue reading “Mr Waqar Malik – Chief Executive ICI Pakistan visits TIP”

What is TISF?

Looking at the response on my previous post of “Where is TISF?” i think its about time that the student body at TIP understand the real spirit of TISF and how it used to be from the very start till sometimes back. Don’t judge this post from the aspect of how bad or good my writing skills are, the point i wish to raise here is this body is only student representation which not only gives the students the chance to polish their leadership skills but at the same time provides them a platform to experiment Continue reading “What is TISF?”

Where is the TISF?

Wish to know who runs it now… Did the students’ representatives still enjoy the liberty to do whatever they want to? Its been a long since the texperts heard from TISF… Share your views and let us know what it takes to have a vibrant and active student representation… u deserve to have one…