The Eqbal Ahmed within us!!!

All men can see these tactics whereby I conquer, but what none can see is the strategy out of which victory is evolved.
Sun Tzu

Dr. Eqbal Ahmed Award, being TIP’s one of the most prestigious and acclaimed award is awarded every year to a student of TIP in order to revive the remarkable life of Dr. Eqbal Ahmed and to his achievements that gave a light of hope and courage to many despaired souls. It is an immense honor for the student receivng this award for it highlights that the student have kept his soul alive and have been conscious about the fact that he is not send down to live a comfortable life but also to make the lives of others better in whatsoever means he could avail. Continue reading “The Eqbal Ahmed within us!!!”

Stand UP for the Champions…………:)

OMG………….victory atlas!!!

It was a moment of hope and anticipation that wrapped our mind and soul alike………We couldn’t just believe when our institute name was announced and we jumped with joy and mirth………!!! We had won the first prize for the play-it competition (ad making) at YLES 2011 🙂

Continue reading “Stand UP for the Champions…………:)”


I was having this candid discussion with Sarim the other day about TIP, its Alumni and state of affairs of student body at TIP in general. Both of us had a same opinion about the way the matters of TISF to be left in the hands of students rather than in the hands of the various so called guardians of this forum. I have written on this earlier and i would reiterate the fact that although TIP collects and also contributes(i don’t know if they still do!) the funding for the TISF, but to make it a vibrant and active representation of student body the guardians should leave the affairs in the hands of office bearers. Anyways to come back to the good news that i wanted to share with all readers of Quack is performance of TIP’s team at LUMS YLES. I don’t know if this effort was solely on students own part or TIP also in someway helped them (apart from giving them the right to call themselves a representation from TIP).

I request someone from TIP’s team to share their experience and post the ad which won them this accolade at LUMS YLES.

For the time being, you can read the full story at

Congratulations and keep this spirit alive!

Yank of Elements in Life

Man has always been drawn to the sea but its a unnatural setting for us, A place of great danger.Tides, Currents, Waves, Winds each presenting their own hazards none of which can be ignored, The slightest lapse of judgment can be a mistake you might never recover from but a good sailor doesn’t fight against these elements. A good Sailor works with them using them to its advantage, while others less fortunate might be forever cast a drift often and several pieces. He always comes home safely.

Am I talking to the Wall???

Sarim self taking says: (* looks around and finds it safe*) It’s 5 pm , still got an hour till my office is off.

Shoot, the boss comes out of no where and glares at the Quack online dashboard and then with a “what the hell are you doing” expression asks “ UMmnn …good, is it the most popular Blog of the industry you were telling me about when you joined us, The one where you write and get a lot of response?.

Sarim wet pants says: umm bbaba yeah yeah…exactly…

Boss: Ok… let me have a look..( * sarim stands to give boss his seat and steps on his foot to make it worse*)

Boss grinning: huh…looks like its been ages since anyone has ever bothered to read it, forget the comments…khair….here is a tip… U know we really appreciate our managers to look around and Blog…we love it in fact…but I would prefer if you don’t waste your time on stupid Blogs like these…where no one evens comments…

Sarim Sucks says: Ok Sir…don’t you worry…

You must be thinking how unprincipled I am, Writing on quack in my working hours.

But Wait…

I know I can’t justify this, as another business development project of my company, but you can think of it as a “Corporate Social Responsibility” thing.

Its because I love TIP and I believe Quack Online was the best thing that ever happened to the TIP student body and we lost it…

Its just like you are taking to a Wall!

AATCC January 27 Webinar to Focus on Vat Dyeing

Vat dyes are used to dye cellulosic fibers and blends and have excellent fastness properties and shade reproducibility. Join us on January 27 at 11:00 am EST as Don Carrigan, Technical Representative with Passaic Color & Chemical, provides a practical discussion on vat dyeing. Don ‘s discussion will include exhaust, continuous and package dyeing applications as well as shade matching and repairing faulty dyeing.

As an added benefit all questions submitted during the webinar will be addressed by Don. This is your opportunity to get your questions related to vat dyeing addressed by an industry expert. Attendance is limited, so register today by clicking on
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Short Courses; big ideas….

Textile Institute of Pakistan has just introduced short courses which will be taught at city campus. There are 20 courses which cover textiles, business and communication. I personally find stress management and Communication skill courses very promising and beneficial for us students. It means that no more burden of studies and no more hesitation while giving presentation, we can certainly improve our skills and manage ourselves better. For more information about courses and fees, please visit