Artists Vs. Designers

Always thought that we belonged to the same family………but hah, we are not even STEP, forget about being blood relatives!!! WE used to go hand in hand but you broke my heart and now my world is completely reloaded. If you are from Venus, then I don’t exist in this galaxy!!!

Lost in the paradigm of art and design and always wondering if we were of the same farmland but, no, we need totally different fertilizers and a totally different land to grow!!! A lot of people believe that an artist is the dreamer and the creator, dream for the sake of dreaming BUT a designer is asked to dream for the sake of making that dream a reality……he is invoked to be inspired but an artist on the other finds inspiration!!! but why can’t be a designer an artist?? just because a designer work for the sake of the market and not for his own soul !!! and is the artist…..the only one living a free life? and enjoying a life of total mind and soul composure?


Cotton Market Update

Previously, I had put a relatively higher figure of Rs. 13000/maund for Pakistani Cotton price to be realised by March 2011 but the cash market of Cotton in Pakistan this past week has already seen considerable business over 13k mark. The market has a confirmed deal known to have realised at Rs. 13,800/maund for payment terms 30 days l/c and mind you we’re still 10 days away from the start of March).

So if we just take the cash price at Rs. 13,500/maund we have a figure of $ 1.90/lb+ price for Pakistani Cotton and domestic mills are willingly buying at these prices as supply situation is tight and will remain tight by probably the middle of next crop year as there are hardly any chances of unsold stocks left and in fact we are in deficit. Gone are the days when one could buy $ 1/lb for a dozen hand towels pack from Pakistan. Now even the cotton comber noil from Pakistan is sold at $ 1.60+/lb FOB Pakistan.

I wish if Pakistan can put some extra effort in increasing its cotton crop size to at least reach the domestic usage figure of 15 million+ bales, we all can have a great time fetching good profits on our efforts of conversion. As according to estimates in order to have ending stocks equal to 2008 levels, the world will have to produce max cotton outputs for next five years consecutively and yesterday there was some news about China facing massive drought conditions in major agricultural areas so chances doesn’t look too bright.