What a Nation WE are?!!

Article Written by : Muneeb Ur Rehman TDT3

The concept of separation in the subcontinent was brought by Sir Syed Ahmed Khan on the basis of the “two nation theory” that Muslims and Hindus are two separate nations by every definition. This gave the core defined concept and logic to the Muslims of the subcontinent, on the basis of which Iqbal dreamed and Jinnah later fought and we became Pakistan with the meaning of La Ilaha Ilalah.

The existence of Pakistan laid the foundation of hatred, India as our enemy and we as theirs. Today, Pakistan is in its 64th year of independence without Kashmir being the part of it, and it is the node that has maintained the frequency of hatred and emotional enmity between the two nations. But let’s just analyze what we have come about over these years. In 2007, our media provoked the case of Makhtara Mai and created a dreadful image of our society and the rights of women in Islam. In 2009, our American Aided NGO’s exaggerated the cosmetic scene created by Taliban in SWAT agency of beating up a woman and declaring it as a punishment according to the laws of Islam. But we didn’t even realized that our 70,000 Kashmiri brothers and sisters have been martyred by the barbarous Indian Army, thousands of our sisters have been raped but we have no feelings towards to this Indian attitude, all our concern is for the INDIA-PAKISTAN SEMIFINAL!!! What a nation we are!! Continue reading “What a Nation WE are?!!”

Emotional Intelligence EQ… the new BIG thing!!!

Every single moment we are haunted by our lives’ many devastating challenges. From smaller troubles like heavy workload, working hours, family issues, inflation, power shutdowns, bad weather to greater mishaps concerning issues of injustice, insurgency, insecurity and political instability, this all have put us in a great fall of depression and a state of utter helplessness which have lead to a nasty behavioral pattern with our fellow beings, affecting interpersonal relationships and life as whole.

We, Pakistanis have become a victim of this distressing state which is affecting our social and individual lives. No solution seems to be viable to this woe other than the only one and that is to establish EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE.

Emotional Intelligence can make us more productive and successful at what we do and how we do it. We need to develop rudiments to reduce stress for ourselves, decrease conflicts, and improve relationships, increase constancy, continuity and harmony. Continue reading “Emotional Intelligence EQ… the new BIG thing!!!”

Drama Entertainment and Appreciation Ceremony

It has been 3 weeks since the start of semester and finally something started happening in student activity sessions on Wednesdays. Last Wednesday dramatics society arranged two plays in coordination with Zahrsss Production. Surkhaab ka makan, a funny love story and madya not media, describing what how media broke news is publicized and what impact does it have on our society. Hats off for Zahrsss and TIP dramatics. Continue reading “Drama Entertainment and Appreciation Ceremony”