SABZ… intriguing experience!

The mist that held the bond together was special….no doubt there were special souls out there for a great cause….anticipated crowd murmuring and waiting outside, school children called in specially to watch the show, theater artists, television artists and great many figures circled the ARTS COUNCIL on the very tick tick of 7.30pm.

Every moment was anticipated and took the audience by the hook, for every then and now there came a heart touching moment that arouse in us the ocean of hope and a breeze of a new beginning. Its just unbelievable the amount of valor, zeal and passion of youth beholds, for it is them that defines the true PAKISTANIS.

Come and be a part of SABZ, for it is this platform that will invoke in you the lost soul, will arouse the Pakistani in YOU and ask you To Get UP, Change and be the REVOLUTION, be the REVOLUTION that have been awaited by many of us, it will not come by itself………IT IS IN YOU……YOU are the REVOLUTION!!!

TIMINGS: 7.30pm till 10.30pm

VENUE: Arts Council, Karachi

Date: 22nd April till 4th May 2011

Tickets Available at Agha’s, Espresso and Box Office Karachi Arts Council

Contact: 0322-4426776

Events Ki Bhaar Maar!!!

For the last couple of weeks, the student body had been pretty Active for the good of TIP!

Carnival……first april 2011, desi style with the usual punjabi mix touch to everything, TIPians enjoyed the food, music by ASHES and the dancing floor ambiance till the verge of midnight! Thank you to TISF for organizing the carnival 🙂 Along with the carnival we had the Jazz Jazba people with Mani hosting the talent show and our beloved tipain showcased their talent through dancing, singing and action painting by TDT3….:) One of the attraction of the carnival was the jail which bought around quite some fights but nevertheless matters were resolved and everybody enjoyed for the sake of having fun. We all are looking forward for more of these events to come along!!

6th April 2011…..schools and colleges of Karachi came on the podium of TIP to be a part of the Urdu Debate Competition 2011, organized by Literal Lounge. The topic was “Hum ney kankar chun leye hiron kay thal sey”, We witnessed some of the very passionate and enthusiastic young speakers of our nation and was thrilled by the amount of fervor of youth beholds 🙂 The jury for the competition was Salma Begum, A.Q. Zaidi, Hafeez Ur Rehman Sheikh and the chief guest was Mubashir Mir ( anchor, political analyst, bureau chief of Value TV, residential editor of Pakistan news paper and writer of a book “Awaze sher”). The winners were from PECHS college ( first and second places) and Malir Cantt college was at the third place. Continue reading “Events Ki Bhaar Maar!!!”

Sidrah Nadeem: All Tied Up

TIP alumni and women entrepreneur featured was featured in Express Tribune for her tie boutique “All Tied Up”.

“It is extremely hard to create these ties because they are not mass manufactured. Each yard of hand woven cloth takes about three to six days to make,” says Nadeem. What is interesting about All Tied Up is not its innovative designing or world class fabric. Instead, it is the services the company offers. It is a one of its kind novelty store in Pakistan that not only offers hand woven ties but also offers custom made ties to bridal clientele. “If someone has ordered a Bunto outfit, I tell the couple to get me a sample of the colour and material used as soon as possible, and then I create a matching tie that complements it,” says Nadeem

Read the full story at Express Tribune: Sidrah Nadeem: All Tied Up