Saving the Sinking Ship, Former President Returns

After heavy opposition by the student body, against laying off employees at TIP just before EID UL AZHA. Tariq Ikram has resigned, giving security reasons that he won’t be able to attend office.

At this point when TIP is facing extreme crisis Dr Zubair Bandukda has stepped in again and joined TIP. Yet nobody knows, what his plans are but it seems like he is already in action. He’s been meeting every single student individually, to discuss and ask their opinions on how to make things better at TIP and also had a meeting with the alumni at city campus today.

A recent report by ‘The Express Tribune’ has all in it explaining the current situation. Textile Institute Brings Back Former President

Dr. Bandukda returns to TIP

It was very heartening to read all the comments of protest and condemnation following the disturbing events at the campus last week. As some of you may know by now but the Board of Governors of TIP invited me to re-join as President and I am pleased to inform you that as of last Friday, I have taken charge.

TIP is a very unique institution and this can only be understood by students and faculty who over a period of time have grown to know it and love it as their second home. Although TIP can boast about the beautiful campus facilities, it is the spirit of ‘community’ which gives it the strength to weather all storms.

I have come back to TIP at a very critical juncture as it struggles to maintain its identity under severe financial constraints. However it is my belief that together we can all revive our institution back to its glory but for this I need your help and support. Through this blog, I appeal to all former and present students of TIP to come forward and give their suggestions as to how we can secure a sustainable future for TIP. You can email me on and it would be a pleasure to meet group of alumni to discuss this urgent matter at any convenient time and place.

Finally, as for the untimely termination of number of staff members few days before my joining, on my request the Chairman NTF has agreed to convene a TIP Board meeting soon after Eid holidays to be chaired by our Chancellor to review this matter.

Popular media rejects TIP’s layoffs

In response to Quack! Online’s earlier report titled ‘TIP honours employees this Eid‘ on the governing board’s recent decision to lay off a significant number of employees under the pretext of ‘cost cutting’ on the festive occasion of Eid, we share with you some responses expressed on social media by popular activists based in Karachi.












Urooj Zia is a freelance researcher, journalist, and a human rights activist. She writes a popular Op-Ed column in Pakistan Today.

Sabeen Mahmud is the founder of PeaceNiche, an NGO with the mission to alleviate intellectual poverty in Pakistan.

TIP honours employees this Eid

In a historic move to finally honour the hardworking, unappreciated, and hidden faces behind Textile Institute of Pakistan’s impressive machinery and formidable facade, the highly effective governing board has fired at least 18 staff members this Eid.

“TIP was my first job. I’ve served TIP for over a decade, and this is what they do to me. I’m literally being pushed out of the gates”, said one victim before breaking into tears.

A number of the diligent employees who lost their job had been serving TIP since its inception, while most had been rendering valuable services to the institute’s management and upkeep for over past 5 years.

According to reliable sources, majority of the employees who have been terminated under the pretext of ‘cost cutting’ were in the petty salary range of Rs.7,000 to 15,000 per month.

It has also been reported that Continue reading “TIP honours employees this Eid”