Why this Silence?

There was a time in the history of this campus when the grass was greener, the birds more melodious, and the students livelier.

The management wasn’t responsible for that. The students were.

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Bringing SMILE to the Kids..

You will find, as you look back on your life, that the moments that stand out are the moments when you have done things for others.” – Henry Drummond

A group of Students for their management assignment at TIP, did a fundraiser and the money collected was used to get swings and stuff for the kids of the employees living 24/7 at TIP, Bin Qasim campus.

  • Syed Khawaja Hashiruddin
  • Rabeea Faheem Syed
  • Nausheen Rabbani
  • Sahar Saeed Mohsini

Hats off to these students for giving those kids such a wonderful gift for the coming year.

“Think Positive” says the psychologist..

Picture Courtesy: Saman Salman, Photographer MAPS

The Textile Institute Entrepreneurial Society (TiES) was finally reformed and began performing its duties by inviting the first guest speaker for the fall 2011. Ms Faiza Mehmood, a professional therapist and a qualified counsellor and psychologist visited TIP on 7th December, 2011 to deliver a valuable lecture on, “The Power of Positive Thinking and Attitude.”

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TIP’s Innovative Entrepreneurs

Sidrah Nadeem, innovative entrepreneur extraordinaire, has all men in Pakistan by the neck, literally. With her tie boutique All Tied Up, Sidrah’s hand-woven and hand-stitched silk ties have shaken up the Pakistani male fashion sense.

The video above shows Sidrah in CNBC Pakistan’s International show Pakistan This Week.

Previously, she has been written about in The Express Tribune, and just this week she was interviewed again by The Express Tribune for a story on women entrepreneurs. She has this to say regarding the initial challenges to setting up your own business:

“I held three successful exhibitions, built a strong case and then made a formal presentation. But those bankers didn’t take me seriously. They refused to lend me any money,” Nadeem said.

Not only bankers, she adds, but also some of her professors with whom she had discussed her business plan simply laughed it off.

“They thought that one, I was a girl with little business experience, and two, I was thinking about selling a niche-market product. Banks are highly cautious when it comes to financing niche-market products.”

Another video interview of Sidrah can be seen here.

Textiles inspired by nature, by science and by colour-changing dyestuff

A designer who engineers fashion from daydreams, has come up with textiles inspired by nature (biomimetic structure), by science (Fibonacci number pattern knitting), and one with a clever application of dyestuff that changes colour dependent on temperature.

Have TIP design students done something similar?