TIP’s management in need of a Superman

The points left at 4 and I arrived at my point around 5:30 which I usually do, the only difference being…… the time wasn’t in PM but AM!

That is correct, the “efficient” management of TIP decided that the city wasn’t safe to travel at regular time on 27th March because of all the chaos hence the points should not move till the following morning, which would be a good time to sneak out when all the protestors are asleep.

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Lip Dub – Work in Progress

This semester came about with a number of interesting changes that most people until now seem to enjoy and didn’t claim that they are bored and  there is nothing happening at TIP. Well, except for some who are really fond of the Library and the Computer Lab, everybody seems to be active one way or another. Apart from academics, activities of TISF and the usual happenings at mostly occupied spots of the campus, there are consecutively held sessions of TIPtalk, innovation to utilize free TISF slots by TiESConnect, private parties by the Design Department and the Cricket Tournament ongoing nowadays. A fresh new addition to this list of activities is the upcoming TIP’s very own Lip Dub.

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Zain Goplani in TIPtalk

Team TiES feels great proud in giving the students of this institute some very productive and informative personalities consecutively over the past few weeks so that the students should move along the competitive world by their personal grooming and motivation to be a remarkable representation of Textile Institute of Pakistan. A recent example was the session of TIPtalk where the students enjoyed, shared, mingled shouting out loud with what they think their strengths are, and were influenced by the deep voice and influencing words of Mr. Zain Goplani. On the other hand, we feel ashamed on some bad habits of the students here that they were late and most were absent giving off a low strength to such a person who could have changed their lives.

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A reason to be happy…

I look around and see the polluted mind deteriorating every bit of love and essence of life. Are we living in the age of wisdom or in the age of mere technology?  The mind works nothing more like a pseudo code that is designed to achieve high end fantasized destiny of the self-obsessed mind.

I am a twenty first century creature, educated to bring about the positive energy that my limited horizon can foresee. Think and reflect on the point that you are among the chosen one’s who are educated and made to bring about that huge change. Why is there so much disparity, despair, sorrow and pain around you, when there is no reason to be sad about. You are bestowed with knowledge to find happiness, to find solutions, to find yourself.

Pray to thy Lord and say out loud how much grateful you are. You are granted with the gift of being called among the “educated” and yet you walk with a frown and a grim feel all over you.

Don’t wait for things to cheer you up, rather create things that grow happiness right under your feet.

You are among the chosen ones, then be it and prove it 🙂


Image Courtesy: http://katrinakittle.blogspot.com

First Interactive & Argumentative Session

By the look of the posts being published on this forum, one could possibly believe that Textile Institute Entrepreneurial Society [TiES] is the sole actively functioning body in TIP. That is not entirely accurate. This forum can be used to publish absolutely anything regarding what is going on in our “beloved” university and the post can come from  a student belonging ANY discipline.

But in complete contradiction to what I wrote in the opening paragraph, this post is also about a session hosted by the TiES. Since the slot reserved for TISF stood unoccupied, team TiES decided to start this new trend of video screening sessions. Just like all other motives of this society, this session was also open to all. But no extra effort was put in advertising about it as this fun session was for those who actually came up and asked if TiES was up to something. Continue reading “First Interactive & Argumentative Session”

Is that “Eqbal Ahmed” visible now???

Back to the campus this semester, the students noticed Eqbal Ahmed and his remarkable campus that he started a bit clearer than before. A moderate buzz seemed to spread around as to notice the reason of such open and free view of the brown textured walls of the campus especially outside the student center that weren’t quite visible before. It wasn’t hard to mark the differences as some of the Trees went missing.