What Motivates You?

It’s one of those questions that I come to again and again. Every time there is a major change in my life I am somehow forced to rethink my position, before we move on though let me just add some depth to the question. What essentially is the motivation which pushes ‘you’ towards success? The reason I have highlighted the term ‘you’ is because I have observed this drive to different for every other person, also the term ‘success’ varies from person to person. Even for the same person the term success may possess different meaning as time progresses, people change and so does their priorities in life.

As a student my perception about the word success was quite different as to how I embrace it to be today, back then I envisioned a life with material wealth to be the sole determinant of success. Things were simpler then, worries were less, my daily schedule was whatever I wished it to be, even school/ university was a welcomed start to the day… nostalgia much 😀

I apologize for my digression, lets back to the topic. Life is full of compromises and we get to chose more often than we like to admit. There are consequences but we need to decide, what takes priority and that is the difficult part.

There are quite a few of my friends who I believe are working too hard for their own good. Whenever I call them up they are most likely to be at work, day or night. I on the other hand have set a rule, as to the amount of work that I will do in a week. The difference can be noted in our paychecks, however there is more to it than just our income levels. I tend to pass out on many of the road trips they suddenly plan because my budget does not allow for these impulsive expenditures, they on the other hand get to travel more, drive better cars or perhaps spend more on material items which I cannot due to my constrained budget. All this however has a cost which they pay out of their daily routines which I do not have to. I prefer to get my 8 hour sleep on a daily basis, enjoy home cooked food regularly, go for a walk in the middle of the night and enjoy tea and fritters when it rains. We all are happy with what we have and how we live, clearly our perceptions about life are different and that is why we choose to live it so differently.

I can’t actually say as to say how they define their idea of being successful but the following is how I believe it to be in the light of the aforementioned. Getting to live life on your own terms (for the most part) and living it on a daily basis. I don’t get to control the span of my life but I certainly have control over for what I do for the day I am alive and kicking, so I chose to live that day, one step at a time. I save up to buy stuff that I want, save up for the trips I have planned along with maintaining a cautionary threshold. I could speed up the process by working the extra hours today but I choose not to, simply because I do not see the point of it. I cannot really say if I would be alive a day from today, a month and so on so why does it actually matter when I get to it, the only thing that matters is that I eventually get to it.

In essence what I am trying to say is that if I had the option of two jobs, one paying quite a high salary but expects me to put in excessively long hours versus a job which pays my bills and provides enough for a decent living overall, I would choose the latter one.

If the article does not make sense, I would direct you towards the following video clip. Full of LOLs and gets the point across effectively