Imagine a world without textiles

Imagine a world without textiles. A place where comfortable pillows are replaced with tree stumps. Where curtains are made of sheet metal, rugs are made of sand, and sofas are made of cactus. That’s a hard world. Literally.

At IKEA, we have a soft spot for the soft parts. The fun and fluffy parts. The romantic and refreshing parts. The colourful and comfortable parts. The parts that put us to sleep, dry us off, help us relax and hide the stuff we don’t want to see. Without textiles, life is hard.

An excellent two minute video campaign from Ikea, which shows that “we have a soft spot for the soft part”, highlighting the role textiles play in our daily lives. Watch the full video here:

Shibori tie-and-dye

Work from TIP design student written about in leading newspapers:

Alliance Française Karachi (AFK) recently organised an exhibition entitled ‘Shibori’ of artist Erum Fatimah featuring ladies handbags and scarf of various colours at AFK Gallery.

Fatimah, a textile designer by profession, graduated from the Textile Institute of Pakistan (TIP) in 2010 with a BSc (Hons) Degree in Textile Design Technology. She fervently pursued to revolutionise conventional views without letting go of the cultural and traditional identity; transfiguring her designs into exceptional potential.

Source: Daily Times: Alliance Française organises exhibition Shibori

Do read the full article and interview for Fatimah’s interesting comments.

Also written about in The Express Tribune as “Shibori: Tie-and-dye makes a comeback.” Photo Credit: Express Tribune.