Lesson Learned

During my time at TIP so far I’ve often come across the line, “its the management’s fault. They don’t do any thing.” But after a recent encounter that I had with the people in the administration block of our university, I found the case to be exactly the opposite.

Soon after the commencement of the present semester, TIP received an invitation from DOW University of Health Sciences to participate in their inaugural basketball tournament. As captain of TIP’s basketball team, I had the responsibility to shortlist 10 boys, purchase equipment and formalize the travelling arrangements. From what had been drilled into my head about the senior folks here at TIP, I anticipated the process would take too long…… but they didn’t even waste a minute.

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Off with their heads

I hope the title caught your attention because I really want people to respond to this article. An incident took place in Sydney during the past week, an incident which involved Muslims. I thank the Almighty; there wasn’t any involvement from any Pakistani whatsoever… then again this isn’t the USA where everything that goes wrong is a responsibility of Al-Qaeda and Pakistan. Continue reading “Off with their heads”

But after 4 years…what’s next?!

Soon after graduating, Hafsa Azhar (TMM), pours out her built up nostalgia and also takes out time to prepare the current students for what they could be facing after getting employed.


In my four years of life at TIP and being a so-called an active member of Talking Texture’ 2011, writing for QUACK! hadn’t been in my list of THINGS TO DO. But today, it just clicked to me that why not write something and make myself feel that I still haven’t lost my connection and can be a part of TIP through this approach.

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