Letter of Appreciation

I, Shiza Rashid, the student of Textile Institute of Pakistan, on behalf of all the students of TDT-03, express my gratitude and appreciation for the people who arranged Block Print and Ralli Workshops and especially Dr. Zubair Bandukta, without whom these workshops couldn’t have been so successful!
These workshops were very beneficial for the students and helped us understanding things in detail. I believe, this would really help us in our professional lives.
I would like to appreciate your outstanding work again and we really look forward to you, arranging such workshops in future.

A Rising Society: DramaTIPS

This past Friday, TIPians were given the distinct pleasure to witness yet another stage performance by the institute’s rising dramatics society.

Aleesha Hussain of TMM-1 explains the happenings of the day, as well as the success story of the society so far…

22nd Nov ’13  29th Nov ’13: DramaTIPS brought in another play ‘HAYE ABBA JAAN’ this semester directed by a graduate of National Academy of Performing Arts (NAPA), Mr. Mansoor Ahmed Khan, which ended up as another huge success even after its 1 week delay due to a strike in the city. The DramaTIPS was started last year (2012) by a handful of students. The first comedy play Bari Dair ki Mehrbaan Atay Atay intiated the society which was performed by a cast of 9 people. It received overwhelming feedback and was performed at numerous places & events. It also bagged the ‘BEST SCRIPT’ Award in National University of Science & Technology (FAST)’s Inter Drama Competition on 27/11/2013.

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