And So It Happened

The eve of 21st February is something that definitely should to be talked about. Now having said that I should also mention that the evening was a long one; with a series of events that had me flabbergasted. Those who did attend: we can paste mutual smiles onour faces and toast ourselves for witnessing all that was: Awesome and all that was: Not So Awesome. Those who didn’t: my condolences on your loss.

As most would know that the event comprised of a Carnival for Basant and then the Concert and man, wasn’t it Zabardast?!

Putting it in a word it was: Pakistani.

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Nothing Has Happened

I must say I’m overjoyed to post the following article as it is contributed by a first year student. And all I had to do was ask her once. Now how often does that happen? From a sarcasm point of view, its’s brilliant! Enjoy the work of Meera Moiz Khan of AMM – 1B.

It has been almost than 3 weeks since TIP inaugurated this new semester and-well- nothing monumental has happened here. Now let me be clear: when I say nothing “monumental” has happened it doesn’t mean that TIP did nothing in these starting weeks.

Next, there was this totally awesome guest speaker session which did left us entranced…

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The 19th Annual Convocation

The last Sunday of January 2014 saw another batch of TIP enter and leave the gates for officially the last time.
Jamil of TS-1 narrates his experiences of the day.

The fourteenth annual convocation ceremony was held on 26th January 2014. With that TIP has completed its 19 years of imparting professional knowledge. It was a day when 52 students graduated and rightfully earned their bachelors degrees. It was an honour for me to host this grand occasion alongside Insia Ali Baloch of TMM-1.

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