And the sessions begin…

If you have glanced over the new timetable for the current semester, you might have noticed the introduction of a new slot, labelled Guest Speaker Session.

And it was only fit enough to kick off these sessions by inviting TIP’s chancellor, Mr. Arif Hasan. He spoke on the topic, Evolution of the City, the city being our own city of Karachi.

The session turned out to be extremely informative, somewhat refreshing and at times, humorous. His lecture was delivered through a PowerPoint presentation and verbal communication. Some of the pictures he shared with us showed glimpses of what the City of Lights used to look when the concept of light had not become so common. The audience gasped when they saw what Shahra-e-Faisal used to look like, and what has become of the bridge near which we now have the popular eat out venue, Port Grand.

There were some facts which, I should say, attracted more attention than the rest. For instance, we learned that there were once bars and night clubs within the city premises, which were later demolished. Not everyone was happy about the demolishing part though. Mr. Hasan also explained how the former military ruler Ayub Khan had shifted all the Muhajir settlement away from Saddar which was the city centre of that time. They were forcefully relocated to North Nazimabad and Landhi. Did he sow seeds for the Muhajir enmity that exists today? A question worth pondering upon.

Towards the end of his speech, he discussed the possibility of a mass transit system in Karachi. A number of times the city has planned to construct this system for the benefit of the city residents, but the results have always been the same. It has been classified, unaffordable.

We’re ever so grateful to Mr. Arif Hasan for being the first speaker of our Guest Speaker Session. We hope every last slot on Wednesday remains occupied by motivational speakers who share their tremendous experience and insight with us.

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  1. One of my all time favorite personality ….Arif Hasan is sure a world of allurement himself! Good work TIES by inviting him over 🙂

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