A drop of Life – Blood Drive ’10

“Donate generously” it always seem to come when you are asking for money, but there is always more to donate then what you have in your pockets. Thalassemia, an inherited disease that causes the hemoglobin level in one’s blood to fall and eventually takes him/her to death. The only thing helpful for a thalassemian patient for their survival is blood transfusion. The matter of life and death is controlled by Almighty Allah but, what we can provide is a drop of hope in the form of our blood to these people.

Rotaract Club of TIP arranged a blood drive for the support of thalassemian patients on Sep 30, 2010 at Textile Institute’s Bin Qasim Campus. At around 11am; a team from Burhani Blood Bank arrived at our campus and they were warmly welcomed by the rotaractors. As soon as the blood drive started, a team of rotaractors dispersed all over the campus and started bringing students from different disciplines for the donation. The effort of the rotaractors worked and at the end of the day a sum of 50 bags of blood were collected. Though it seems a less but donating blood is something which needs to be appreciated irrespective of how little the quantity is. The project was lead by Rtr. Mohsin Butt, here I would like to thank Wardah Khan of TS1 for her support, to bring in students to make the drive a success.

Rotaract Club of TIP has always been enthusiastic about the projects which serves humanity. We will always be working hard to serve humanity and trying our best to make it happen in the best possible way, This blood drive is just an addition to what we have done for this purpose. May Allah give us the strength and capability to help others much more effectively and passionately.

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  1. good to know mohsin that the rotaract movement still goes on in tip. keep up the good work, who knows from such movement we are able to save lives of 50 people dying from dangi or any other disease.


    god bless you

  2. anyway jokes apart i can still market rotaract tip and bring it to a level where you always wanted sir. but it is only possible if you grant me a session with the 1st years only. i suppose mohsin butt has already circulated the proposal however, no response has been given to it as yet.

    one thing i dont understand if the session doesnt require money and its a motivational session not completely associated with rotaract then why is it taking so long for the proposal to be accepted and why having a proposal in the first place, it will hardly be half an hour session which will be regarding rotaract, its benefit and how participation can help the prospect in future. thats it . so why exactly it is taking time ?

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