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  1. ab allow ho gaya hai shayad………….or thik hi kiya tempororay stay allow nahi kiya …warna har koi sir par naachney lagey ga ……

  2. rameez
    i know that lately youve goten bad reviews about your work but this is a very very bad attempt at making quack interesting your only propagating matters which did not concern you at all and it would be nice if you would either remove this article or somehow put an end to it cause your only helping in making matters worse.

  3. Indeed a good decision, its hostel not a picnic point or dating point. People stay over for fun, but disturb other students who live there.

  4. what happened??;-) really miss gossips from tip
    @amna a hostel is a place where life exsists, without ppl it will be an empty box, n whats wrong with picnic n having fun, one of the most memorable days a student can have specially in tip is at hostels and having fun with ur friends..isnt that the reason ppl from khi stay there even though u have a place to live or tons of works for design students but i bet they stay there to have fun tooo ;-). n whats wrong with dating, by the way if a guy n a gal hang out n chat its not datinnnnng and im sure they cant disturb anyone with thier romantic talks hehehe.

    well didnt mean to offend anyone with the post just miss my days at tip

  5. Chalo atleast Rameez leaerned something. This was an interesting write up.
    Hope to see more from you on these lines.
    (Read try writing on what happened and why ?)
    and please dont write on politics, society and religion…

  6. There is tons of other ways of having fun, but there is something Ethics , Social things around too. A guy / girl talking around romantic things is dating for your very kind of information. Having fun and doing picnic is not wrong, but thats not hostel for.

  7. @amna
    heheh ok chill gurl
    well i dont consider it dating but anyway
    i dont get it how two ppl hanging out has something to do with ethics and social thingssss
    i mean if 2 ppl want to talk let them its a personnal choice, i cant see how tht wud damage the weave of society or tip`s hostel in particular,but i mean dating n all that its a totally different topic u can do a write up on quack on that, but my point is hostel life is one of the amazing part of a universities life, just as it is in tip, everyone person has a different outlook towards life, religion, studies, n learning….so they have a diffenrent definition of fun, u cant generalize that ok i like having water fights that is fun while playing cards is not ;-)i hope u get my point and saying that hostel is not a place to have picnics and dating, i think hostel is a social place ppl doing what they like , i ma against any obscene acts and violence but having fun, picnic and chatting to a chick come on…….tht doesnt harm anyone or any aspect of our society or university…
    i cant beleive im writing all tht, im outta time gotta go

  8. I’d actually agree. Hostel is a great way to spend extra time with your friends. During university hours it sometimes becomes impossible to sit with even your own classmates and just talk about dumb stuff, na ke doosri class ke logon se. It’s a great place to bond with your juniors, other hostelites and even people of your own class- i got close to my current group of friends thanks to the hostel.

  9. n if two people ,,,a guy n a gurl are talking it dosnt mean that they have to be dating or either being romantic…they can be two really good friends discussing problems way better than luuuvv.

  10. @hira exactly
    so while the admin can work on preventing future brawls n other awkward incidences, it cant just ban students from going there….its like saying close down tip n saying ooo no more students no more problems 😉
    i dont encourage harsh counter measures but u can have strong rules against physical violence like kicking student out for a whole semester whos responsible for the fight n im sure next time any one would think about it before raising a hand or a bottle to someones head

  11. mako…u always keep ur antena’s upon this illy lil gurl..man cummon ..i mean cummon u av a lots n lots of chill pills buzzing around thea…just open ur eyes n concentrate…:D
    yea exactly then TIp point must have a tent partition with in it …with no gys allowed slogan on it,
    bug u

  12. yeah agree with hira and mako

    khud tu 10 larko ki saaath baat kar lo tu friendship … or agar dosoron ko dehk looo tu masla hojata hai k dating and all….app kisi kaam se bhi hotil ruktey ho agar appka dost ruk jaye for any reason ….tu mai maan hi nahi sakta key app hostil hours k badh chill nahi karogey apney friend ke saath………..

  13. @ppl
    dont make it personal, its like a war zone out here,
    anyway da point probably proved that hostel is a place to study, have fun and meet people, its a social place and life is all about balancing stuff. the point being that rules should be made considering everyone and not a particular group of ppl. i think keeping the local students out of the hostel would make the situation even worse and will feed more to the seggregation that already is present between locals and hostellites. i think hostel is the best place where the two group can interact and for once get rid of these two labels, we are all students of da same univeristy and doesnt matter if u live in khi or in lahore or watever. yes there always be differences in lifestyles but u cant expect ppl to be just like you, we should accept other ppls views n opinions, thats what real learning is, being a better person than u were before;-)

    on the other hand to make the campus a violence free zone we need strict rules against physical violence, a week of suspension doesnt scare anyone and yes need to be strict about any hankie pankie that might go around the campus too cant let the hamsters run loose too

    but anyway @amna i respect ur point of views , nothin personal about the whole discussion , but lets hope u ppl can make it a better place to be and enjoy ur years there ur gonna miss them after graduation.

    @nizam butt sahib is that really u posting or its ali mehdi using ur name as usual, let me come back to paki i ll put a chill pill up ur u knoe where

  14. mako u must behave.
    Ali Mehdi is busy with his assingments n all so hw could he be using my name.n above all i only trust 2 people in this whole constilation, Ali and sadia samad khan, shae has always been there whenever i needed.
    thank you sadia and thankyou ali too.
    thankyou this cruel world, which is worthless.
    and pls show me the place where ur goin to put that chill pill.i must get prepare. is it freezer or some cold storage or what?

  15. helloooooo people, who da hell is dis “amna”.
    i didnt commented on dis article.
    plz refrain from using sumone else’s name if u dont have da guts to use ur own name, or is it dat u urself are so disgraceful dat u dont wana use ur own name, and its pretty amazing how everyone gets so personal abt things.
    whoever dis amna is, plz show sum respect for others by actually using ur own name, and not degrading sumone else. Thank u.

  16. @ Amna Khan: Hello .. in what world you are living madam? You miss wanabe .. Only you are the person in this entire world has the same name? or your parents has purchase the patent or copyright?
    Do you believe only you are the one in TIP has this name? Or you think you are quiet famous around so who ever will wrote Amna here it will be you? Come out of dreams you miss wanabe .. I dont know what people think about themselves .. over smart, over confident.. cheapo.

  17. Excuse me, i just said so becoz ppl were thinking dat u were me, okay! no need to get all hyper excited!

  18. @pehli wali amna

    From what i recall, amna khan actually IS the only amna in tip at the moment…
    the only other one during the four years i’ve been here was Amna Zubairi who graduated in 2005.
    Just as a question: what year and discipline are you in?

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