DC fails to establish order…

Not DC, they have failed years ago. I am talking about the Discipline Committee at Textile Institute of Pakistan, which is about to fail. The committee formed on the basis of the same ideology that of Pakistan’s army, when involved in internal affairs, suppress every voice when you have the power whether its right or wrong. I am very grateful to Dr. Zubair Bandukda, former president of Textile Institute of Paksitan, he left a year later I joined TIP. I still remember at our orientation when a student asked him about ragging, he said, “It’s banned here at TIP but we faced it and you have to face it. If it goes beyond the limit you have your choice to make”.

Few days back I heard that a complaint was logged against students and faculty members of the design department that senior students ragged them in presence of faculty and the faculty members were called by the academic coordinator that they fed the freshmen to the seniors to rag them. Where in fact senior students were ragged by the faculty members in front of the first year, that I would say was rather disrespecting them in front of the crowd gathered.

Other than that the first year student are fed so much about ragging and its strictness that they have started to misbehave with senior students. Respectfully I totally disagree with the new strategy of DC, posting banners through out the campus. The idea should be to control ragging not to motivate freshmen to disrespect senior students.

I request DC that please review your ban policy. I know its bad to rag but it has some positives as well. Singing a song in front of a crowd may be difficult but I did it in front of 20-30 students in cafeteria and the day I was standing in front of my class to do my Oral Communication presentation, I had all my fears washed out. It have some positives too.

Don’t push it too hard like past DC head use to do in previous years, let these freshers come out of their shell and get ragged for better and have an experience of a grad student. Yet if negatives are found take strict action against them but there shouldn’t be a strict ban on ragging. Ban will lead us to more negatives then betterment.

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  1. Dear Ibn-e-Saif,
    Please send us your email ID and we shall send you REAL PROOFS!!

    We shall be more than happy to cooperate!!

  2. the disciplinary committee and the punishments it endows on students should be totally reviewed. I protested against certain punishments given to students on the basis of whatever those were given and I still protest. I no longer am a part of TIP but I do feel sincerely for the students who undergo the process of hearings from the disciplinary committee who in my own personal view subject students and in some cases respective parents with such mental torture, some of which is not even worth mentioning. Even during board meetings I raised my voice on this particular issue but to no avail. I urge the President and the RESPECTED ACADEMIC COORDINATOR to not demoralize students with the punishments rather make them constructive…

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