Elections 09-10… Beginning of a New Era!

Finally; it’s over! With not much of people competing this year the elections seemed to be boring but still, it brought T.I.P back to life. TISF Elections 09, with lots of money wasted and all its dirty politics have finally com to an end. The new members with same old promises got elected and with that same old hope people voted them for a change. With the 94% of votes casted this year, six new TISF board members got elected out of which three were unopposed and just needed 51% votes to get elected. Contrary to last year; this year we also had a Publication Secretary.


The new TISF board members are:
Adnan Malik – President
Sikandar Hussain Gillani – General Secretary
Khurram Hussain – Financial Secretary
Muhammad Mohsin Butt – Publication Secretary
Shahbaz Mohammad – Activity Secretary
Talha Farooqui – Campus Development Secretary

A very special thanks to Dr. Zubair as it was only due to some of his strict actions that the ratio of “khappa’s” comparing from last year was very little and the best part in these elections was that there was no division of class fellows. In the end, I would just like to say, for those who didn’t win it’s not the end. The manifesto that we gave was the same, just the words used were different, so let us join our hands and work together for the best thing possible.

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