Elections – The Truth behind

The election are going to be announced very soon, but did we ever bothered to know that why do we have elections for TISF, why not let societies work independently, why do we have a TISF president, a general secretary and a finance secretary. and why do we have this TISF, whats the whole concept behind it.

Anyone, do you have an answer???

Well let me explain, I was a part a part of it last year elected as a publication secretary, can you imagine a person being elected to become an editor-in-chief for a university magazine and voted by a bunch of people who don’t have any idea what publication is?? I really hate myself for this. Coming back to the point, last year there was a transport fee issue in fall semester, every student was standing hand in hand on that issue and finally the students had a victory. I can bet if the TISF would have tried to initiate it or get involve in that matter nothing would have happend?? Shocked, why would that be if the sole purpose of it is to address these kind of issues, hope that someday TISF elected board would realize what their responsibilities are (not organizing event, its not even in a single elected member’s job description and I hope they would have read their job descriptions as well).

Why would it be, that if TISF would have addressed that issue it would not have been solved?? Two reasons; first, most of the students had issues with few elected members, it would have help politicize the issue and second; if TISF had tried to do that, an application, and a reply, and another application, and a reply and another application and semester gets over everyones goes home, problem solved.

The main purpose that elections are held between the students at TIP is actually to divide them in such a way that on every issue raised by the students, a conflict arises within the student due to that political election atmosphere and no proper action is taken and the top management enforces their issue without facing any resistance.

This year we have a new strategy given by Mr P. We have a committee comprising of three faculty members and one elected student member, God knows who will hear to the student issues. We had a problems with one now we have three to deal with.

Another thing that has not been decided for years and not decided yet, what is the selection criteria for the post of president, general secretary and finance secretary for member of TTCC, chairperson of TTCC (just because he had done this in past, no evaluation was it good or bad, should it be done with past elected members).

Whats the job description for elected members (president, general secretary and finance secretary or are they just event managers), TTCC members and TTCC chairperson.

Is this committee there to facilitate or administrate that this event can happen and this cannot because recently a proposal for Declamation contest was rejected by TTCC chairperson that TISF slot is not available without any reason and were told to do their event on Thursday and another occasion a group of students from KU were willing to do a drama at TIP for their flood relief campaign and were trying to reach TIP dramatics society but the society was told that its for committee to decide that what to do and what not to you cannot have this event.

Have lot of more to share but I believe this is enough for students to know that why events are not happening at Textile Institute of Pakistan. Its not the societies, its committee and its chair not letting things happen.

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  1. I so agree with you on this Mohsin. TISF is nothing but politics and there is no accountability related to where and how they use up all the funds. I would second you on the idea that societies should be given full freedom and authority because no matter how diverse the people in TISF maybe, they can’t fully understand each and every passion for which the respective societies are formed. Also the election turns into ugly politics and at the end nobody even knows why they are voting for someone except for the fact that they have personal grudges with the opposing candidates.
    We need to look no further than the structure of those institutes in Pakistan where all-Pakistan events/functions are held almost every weekend with the utmost precision and planning. And the diverse number of societies in these institutes bring in lots of original ideas plus promote a positive image of their institute.
    Batch ’05

  2. Well nothing new here… I never came to know what my job description was. Atleast publications has an entry in the so called TISF constitution, there was nothing regarding the activity secretary 😛
    Why does the TISF exist and what is its purpose? I am quite sure that only the people who initially founded the forum are the ones who knew what purpose it was for, it has just been lost since then on.

  3. well well well!! look whoz talking and talking about what?
    elections? mr mohsin butt..dont try to be a myestro..ok
    you participated in the same election criteria last year..nd u won..nd the rest of the story is controversial,perhaps..nd nw..u own ..and i say it again “own” a society in TISF..
    so nw u jst want to carry on wid ur one man show? ryte?
    while ur fellow mates are yelling for more student power and more freedom in other articles…wah! thts called politics..playing a two way game…:D
    politics is never a pain unless until ..some low lives get into it and thn..try owning it..u hv hd ur chances..nw let others do their work..

  4. From Mohsin Butt 2 Mohsin Waheed :p

    If you have read the article carefully, you would have known that I feel sorry for what I did. Secondly my dear friend, I don’t want that students at TIP keep on doing those same mistake which I did.

    We should not have greed for post, we should have greed to satisfy people and to make people happy, that would make TIP a better place and even this world.

  5. my respectable humnam 🙂
    sorry..i forgot to read ur article.. bt hey! i did myself a favor…i cnt read cosmetic stuff..doctor prescribed me not to.. 😛
    anyways..agreed wid u on this point..tht students and awl TISF stake holders must be satisfied..nd we all need to contribute in bringing tht satisfaction….

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