Is there a need for election?

For past two years I have been a part of different societies at TIP and even been a member of elected student forum for one year. This year we are about to enter the election phase again, where we’ll be having that same old dirty politics, ruining of friendships, and many other negative after effects as usual. I don’t know how important my advice is gonna be, and how seriously the student body of TIP will take it. But, there is a fault in the system and it needs to be look into seriously, we need a change and change that would rather bring us closer, despite dividing us into pieces.

Last year, I saw people losing friends because of this election s***. and I think we need to re-unite and if on small scale like within 300 students we can’t bring unity, then we surely are becoming a failed state.

Two people opposing each other and creating divides or those to working together and come up with something constructive because at the end of the day, both of them have same plans. Just think about it…

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  1. Dear Mohsin,
    i completely understand your point of view but i fail to agree a 100% on it, elections is a very healthy activity to have at this level, as it gives you an exposure of politics & its competitiveness.. rather, you can blame the groups who value these elections more than their friendships and destroy all the healthiness of the competition… If a friend of yours playing for the opponent side bowls you out in a cricket match.. do you go on and keep grudges against him for the rest of yr life? i guess, no…so we should take elections in the same good humour…
    *just a point of view*

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