Did you get your free sprite??? Everyone was having same question last Thursday, when the sprite people started there show in the auditorium and we had it jam packed another time this semester. Equip with scintillating dance performances, musical performances and few funny acts by our very own dramatics people.

The performances were very entertaining, and the audience was as usual responsive, in a highly positive manner, if you have experienced TIP’s audience you would understand what I mean. Keeping it short I would like to mention few brilliant performances. The show’s very first one by Danish Ali, acted as Sultan Rahi (late), the famous hero of the Pakistani film industry, and when he said those famous lines from one of Sultan Rahi’s movie “Oooyeee Nooreya!!! Maule nu Maula na marae te maula nae marda…”

The next one by our dramatics people their famous style of coping different TV anchors and then few of the famous political personalities turned the show on again, and there were roars of laughter from the audience. And how can I forget Talha from TDT2 the most valuable asset of TIP the one and only classical dancer we have he did it before and he did it again, rocked the stage twice on songs from an Indian movie AAJA NACHLE.

For those who missed out, don’t feel we don’t care for you here it is again the performance by Talha and the rest of it in pictures.

Talha’s Performance on Sprite MAD about TV

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  1. I just love this sprite mad about tv.when the team of sprite mad about tv comes into my college i mean’s QEEN’S college i will realy enjoying the show infact when the show ended and i’m off and reached home i realy miss the show i hope u will come again in my college plz.LOVE U SPRITE.KAR DIKHANE KI PIYASS HAI.

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