New and Improved Cafeteria

I have been thinking to write about the new improvements to the cafeteria by the newly formed cafeteria committee comprising of two of our most devoted faculty members Ms Rakhshanda Shah and Mr Mazhar Jamil, who I must say have devoted their lives whole-heartedly that student should get a better and healthy food to eat at Textile Institute of Pakistan’s Cafeteria also know as Eqbal Ahmed Student Center (for those who don’t know).

Reasonable prices, good and healthy food, drinks available all the time and most importantly the new ICE COOL spot, where for the first time you can enjoy ice-cream at TIP and the new gola ganda stall i haven’t tried it yet but it seem to be good and the unlimited clod drinks finally.

Last but not the least LCD has been sent for repairs and will be soon back and on its place and hopefully we’ll be enjoying Abdul Razzak’s play while having lunch. Hats off for Ms Rakhshanda and Sir Mazhar.