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  1. hey i never noticed that, i guess i wasnt present dere at dat very unfortunate moment!
    i think its really sad, coz at times u need ur space to concentrate on watever u r studying!!!

  2. Not a big mystery. All you have to do is ask Ms.Gulrukh or her assistants.

    They close the second floor every week during friday prayers. It’s to do with curbing unwanted consequences of excessive intermingling between members from opposite sexes. That’s the reason they gave me.

  3. so its only during the friday prayers they don’t want the intermingling of sexes? the rest of the week it’s ok?
    How cool!!

  4. had hogai!!!!!!!!! itna bi nai pata. kya ap univ. mai nai hote janab????? first years sai jakar poche!!!!!!!!!!! lolzzz

  5. naa…
    there aint anythin lyk tht
    they jus wanna make their jobs as easy as possible.
    as hira baji said y they r prohibitin tht area only for friday’s???
    a frnd of mind pridictd tht they will conquer the whole area soon if they ll keep on movin at same pace. hahaa lolzzzzzz n it was a brilliant SOOOKS

  6. its only during friday prayers,
    updated info, first year tmm couple were access denied at the first floor by saifuddin and then the librarian.
    its due to the first year tmm couple

  7. no actually there isn’t anyone available to monitor that part of the library during those hours.

  8. only one female librarian is available at that time and it was very hard for her to look after whole area and 2ndly during that hours she is not allowed to issue any book …..so thats y there is notin to worry about rameez…. coz its only in prayer timings …

  9. well i think its a pretty immature step taken by the library administration, I mean u cant just seal off the area at times just because some ppl r not behaving properly, they can behave like tht all ova the campus now the library is closed at their most preffered time…i cant stop thinkin about all the places 😉
    who knoes tip wud the next to be sealed off with a sign sayin “area closed”……

    all i wanna say is tht at undergrad level ppl are or atleast they should be mature enough to know wats acceptable and wats not….
    if u wanna get intimate atleast find a spot where nobodies around 😉
    either kick em out or let them do wat they wanna do rather then putting regulations tht are pretty hilarious

  10. lolz!! @hira…….buhatan!! activities like that are quite common in library frm past few semisters!!…….n aab tuu khair intha hogai ha!!…. n ya sirf friday nahi balkay baki aur days main chal rha hota ha!!….

  11. well people are really innocent,and always think ideally perfect circumstances for everything bad toward one gender.
    i have caught them red handed… and maybe i saw wat was in my imagination to see at tht place… but it was further proven by culprit’s words ” please burry this thing here..” 😛
    now u hv to decide.
    regardless them… they r juniors..just support them they r new in tip! but from whom they learnt and get courage?? can anyone say?? the scenes we use to see in cafeteria.. all fromm tmm1 to tmm4 !!!!

  12. yeh tip key logon ko har kisi ka “mummy daddy ” banney ka bohot shok hota hai … aray bhe woh jo karien … tumhie kya ??? ….. ankhon pe glasses laga lo dehka nahi ja raha tu … tum logon ko bhi mazey miltey hain …..

    “kisi key ayb chupana sawab ka kaam hai ” …par tum logon ko kisi ki respect nahi hai …or agar app log yeh sooch kar itney araam se saaryi baatien kartey hain key larki ko kudh respect ki parwa nahi tu listen app mein or us larki mein koi farkh nahi ….chchhchh !!!

    or ek yeh rameez itna bakwas likhta hai … agar pata nahi ” AREA CLOSED ” kion hai tu librarian sey poocho yeh kon sa tareeka hai quack pe likhney ka …..

    bakwas cheezien likhna bandh karo … kaam ki baat bhi likha karo .. yeh students newspaper hai rozana bakwas article likh kar issey ” Rameez newspaper” bananey ki zaroorat nahi hai …. bas yeh topic bana diya mirch masley ki liye tumney ……

    agar tumhie logon ney bata diya key KION BAND HAI tu likh do reply mein key YOU UNDERSTOOD ….. tum bhi araam se beht kar mazey ley rahey ho key replies barh rahey merey topic key …pata nahi kis dimag key admi ho tum …

  13. no one is sooooooo shareef……..k kisi ko bhi nahin pata wt happen in tip?????hahaha

    almost every year has its iwn couple….every one knws it…..

    fri ko tou strict karnay do……itnay bhi BEGAIRAT NAHI TIP WALAY…..itna tou eman hai na?

  14. @ nizam lol
    @papu and all other annonymous ppl posting
    hey i dont know this rameez guy but who ever he is atleast he has the nerves to stand up to what he writes, if u think ur good enough then plz step forward and stand up to what u write

    and for the couple thing get over it ppl,
    we arent sinless angels that we get the right to point towards other ppl
    its a public forum or i wud have loved to have a detailed discussion on this topic

  15. Good furhan !! not expectin dz frm ya new ways karo discuss ….humara interest ab bas in cheezo ko discuss karney mein reh gaya hai … tataz

  16. No not like that!

    I just put the topic. It is you people raising the issue. There can be a number of other reasons for this ‘Area Closed’ thing as it is discussed above. It all depends on how you percieve the things.

    i think you still havent understood the meaning of Quack!. We can write about everything that is going on campus. It is our hide park, our very own platform to discuss different happenings at TIP.

  17. dont raise the topic but solve that issue.
    I dont like to see and say the name of those people who are disreputing the name of T.I.P. They are creating the problems not only for them but also for us. Think about it !!!!!!

    But ghalti har ek se hoti hai un se bhi ho gai aur kiya howa k rozana haogai and pore semester hoti gai. but hum ne kiya kiya?? pehle is topic se maze liye aur ek din bhool jai gay and unko maaf kar den gay.

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