Public Announcement

Media and Publication Society (MAPS) is looking for Writers (English & Urdu), designers, cartoonist and new blood for marketing team.

An introductory session followed by interviews for new inductees will be done on Thursday, October 14, 2010 in 4th  slot (at 1:15 pm) at LR1.

Students interested are requested to please attend the session.

For further details:
Hafza Azhar (tmm-3)
Mir Jawad (amm-3)
Shumaila Rajput (tmm-4)

5 Replies to “Public Announcement”

  1. Good…finally….

    but there is one problem…

    I had a complete plan ready for a Media& Arts Society…was launching it in a few days… :)…

  2. hey Assalamualikum Furhan! dude i will definetly do some mapping with MAPS, well i had actually planned the whole TDT design department as default members of MAAS. With the Additions of things like Filmaking/Performing Arts , this society could have been used by them and ofcource any other student for displaying there work +promoting Art/design+Networking with other Designers& Artist+Workshops….

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