Quack! and the world quacks with you!

Who am I? Why I am your voice, your right to be heard! Long ago, when there wasn’t much to be said, the cows said moo and the cats said meow, along came our mascot, the goose, and said quack, and someone said quack! And everyone said quack! And along came “Quack!” Textile Institute of Pakistan’s student newsletter.

The TIP student newsletter, initiated by Mansoor Qureshi (1999), has been around since before the first batch graduated in 1998. “Weekender” as it was then called, was indeed popular amongst the relatively small TIP community. However, in the passage of time people seemingly lost interest and the voice faded away. In 2001, it was once again brought to the notice boards by Rabya Shah (2002) as Quack! and has been around since.
Quack! Online was setup in 2003 by Abid Omar to encompass a wider audience and receive feedback from the expanding community of TIPians. Quack! thus became accessible to all. Anyone could write. Anyone could post comments. And yes everyone, and I do mean everyone, was heard!

In just the past two years, the Quack! website has generated over 250 articles, 1700 plus comments and gets an average of 19872 hits everyday. People from students to the president of TIP, have voiced their concerns on issues ranging from Ragging to Snowfall in TIP and their opinions have had a lasting impact on many.

Quack! offers the students as well as the faculty a voice. It is a medium for you to express your opinions. If you wish to be heard, get in touch. There’s enough room for everyone.