“Quack to Offer Hope” and Congratulations to the Team

This month Quack Online! has already got more visitors in the third week of the month than all of October. Last month saw 1601 unique individuals visiting 50,005 times, viewing 19,724 files. The increased number of files viewed is attributed to the many pictures put on on Quack! over the last month and a half. November so far has seen 1611 visitors coming 74,244 times, viewing 18,576 files. The average number of daily visitors has increased by 140% to 70. The statistics shows that the viewer ship of Quack! Online has steadily increased since its launch on August 11, and has gained many regular readers.

Comment spam is turning into a problem, with many people posting absolutely useless shit (spam), irrelevant comments, and fighting over trivial issues (flame). Case in point is the Comment Wannabe’s article that saw 33 comments over nothing, and proves that some Tipians are so stupid do not get the point. A comment blacklisting system is in order.

But there are also interesting articles, with interesting discussions following, such as the Need for a Mosque and the controversial Senseless Scandals and Gender Partiality issues.

As for what people search for to find this website, Quack! is still in the top 10 for all things ARY Digital. Many people will be surprised to type in their name in Google and see it as the top result. Try it for yourself. And too many people are searching for girls at TIP, literally typing their names in a search engine and coming to the website. I won’t name those girls, or the IP addresses of those who searched for them, but it seems those seem people want to see saboor’s naked. More seriously, many people also search for textile vision 2005, higher education commission, textile universities, and the like to find the website. And quite a few forget the URL, often searching for “quack textile institute of pakistan”. Or does that say something I don’t understand?

And oh yes, will the person who searched for “unethical pictures in sport” please stand up. And also “guys superiority”, “ladies hostel ragging”, and “haseen pics”. And please stop looking for “stealing in TIP”, we tend to discourage that sort of thing.

So what next? First to congratulate our regular writers, you know who you are (and our readers). Now it is time to maintain our regular readers, and discourage our Comment Wannabe’s. Lets bring in some more serious, better thought out, and interesting writing.

Congrajulations again to Abdul Saboor, Karim Kabir, Talib Raza, Mazhar Moosani, Adil Marvi, Aasim Ahmed, Masood Arig, Waqas Sultan, Ali Raza Merchant, Abid Raza, Saad Elahi, Sana Fidai and Sidrah Nadeem for bringing in thought provoking writing.

8 Replies to ““Quack to Offer Hope” and Congratulations to the Team”

  1. Its Eid before Eid for the team of Quack. Now I am feeling really lucky to be a part of such team which deserves appreciation, appreciation n appreciation from each n every reader of Quack! online. THUMBS UPPPPPP for Quack!online and its team.

  2. The basic idea is that people, might be anyone from Institute or other visitors from outside, they appreciate this top rated mag bcoz of its different style and as an interface for opinion builder.The theme or the reason for its oppressive time in the third week is really beacuse of its articles which were published before attracted most of the Tipians thru converstaions and mainly as u said pictures might be the reason. Those who are lokking for other stuff on Net well the surfers might be suffering from some disease! What I think.U should ransack the IP addressesof those involved in such Mafia and then an action should be taken. Searching for information is good and its trustworthy but the negative side is really pathetic. As an experimnet conducted people visit more of these pages(naked) as compared to infomative pages. This shows the diversion of peolpe from right to wrong area. At last I would Really wish Qauck a happy Era and congartulate it for being the No 1 magazine so BEST OF LUCK! for Ur writings, opinions and ur tracking..

  3. Congrats Saboor, Saad, Abid, and all the people running the “QUACK” show online..EID MUBARAK to all texperts and TIPians…may this eid bring you happiness that last forever…EID MUABARK TO ALL FACULTY MEMBERS OF TIP..I MISS YOU ALL>>LUV YOU ALL

  4. i hope u all had a blessing ramazaan and , hope tht ull have a good eid
    remeber me and my family in ur prayers… miss u all so much
    Allah Hafiz

  5. ya …keep it up guys ….. u all deserve a appalause
    ……. i too think tht those were one of the best articles

    take care

  6. I will say ” THREE CHEERS FOR QUACK ONLINE AND THE TEAM ” , HIP HIP HURRAY , HIP HIP HURRAY , HIP HIP HURRAY . A lot of good wishes to those people who are really working sincerely to earn a name for thier MAGAZINE . One Suggestion for all who write or for all those who comments , that plz stick to the point , dont beat about the bush .The more good articles we have the more readers will be produced .

  7. Guys thumbs up for abid Omar. I alyz saw him strugggling hard to reform ths forum, alwayz motivating fellows to either write an article or pose any commnet. KEep it UP Abid. (Y)

  8. You are very right Waqas. The credit for building such an outclass site and providing us with an open forum where everybody can share views and where there is freedom of expression (to some extent) goes to “ABID OMAR”. Saboor’s efforts (removing comments) can also not be denied.

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