Quacking at the Knees

Did you know that within the TIP administration and faculty there exists a committee who’s listed tasks include the ominous sounding task “Quack.” This could possibly mean that they are finally considering to bring back the ducks to our campus, or even re-acknowledging the TIP duck mascot.

Or it could mean that the TIP administration and faculty are taking a larger interest in this fine independent student newspaper. The Quack team has always extended an open invitation to them (the administration and faculty, hereby referred to as ad-fact) to be more involved in this worthy endevor. Our suggestions included:

  1. contribute their own news and views
  2. encourage their students to write for Quack, maybe as part of the English lessons
  3. report on industry news and insights
  4. talk about TIP events and activities
  5. list new additions to the library

Though sometimes we did have some wholehearted contributions, they fell short in their frequency by rarely being more than once a year. Here’s to hoping that the new “tasks committee” will have an honorable approach.

“Quack! offers the students, alumni, faculty as well as the management a voice. It is a medium for you to express your opinions. If you wish to be heard, sign up. There’s enough room for everyone.”

Though there are more reasons why the ad-fac should be quacking at their knees when it comes to Quack. Quack reflects on TIP. To those outside TIP, to those who search for “Textile Institute of Pakistan” on the internet, to future students, Quack is TIP.

Just in the last month of April, quackonline.net had three thousand, two hundred and twenty six (3,226) unique visitors, for a total of one hundred and twenty thousand, eight hundred and seventy four (120,874) hits. Yes, that is a big number for a website from a small university. That comes to about 1.8 visits per visitor.

Suprisingly, many ‘hits’ this month were on an old article, Abdul Saboor’s introductory email as TISF President, and the hit of the month, Featuring Sajjad! Searches included the term www.hec.edu.pk, lums olympiad, and hostel life. The list is endless.

The point is, Quack is the world’s window to TIP. The TIP ad-fact must start taking this independent student newspaper more seriously. After all, it is their image as well as ours.

It is understood in good faith that this new “tasks committee” will consult the Quack team for further discussion. The floor is open for comments.

Trivia: Did you know that Quack! Online is 3 years, 250 days old?

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