Saving the Sinking Ship, Former President Returns

After heavy opposition by the student body, against laying off employees at TIP just before EID UL AZHA. Tariq Ikram has resigned, giving security reasons that he won’t be able to attend office.

At this point when TIP is facing extreme crisis Dr Zubair Bandukda has stepped in again and joined TIP. Yet nobody knows, what his plans are but it seems like he is already in action. He’s been meeting every single student individually, to discuss and ask their opinions on how to make things better at TIP and also had a meeting with the alumni at city campus today.

A recent report by ‘The Express Tribune’ has all in it explaining the current situation. Textile Institute Brings Back Former President

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  1. Assalam O Alaikum all Tipians

    As you all are well aware about the TIP’s situation nowadays and the resign of Tariq Ikram, and return of Dr. Zubair Bandukda, I would like to thank all of you specially students, to remain stand with us and showing off heartiest feelings for us. Our case is still in pending and now we feel there might be no solution/re-appointment of lay off employees.
    At this forum I request all of you if some one can refer me and my brother (Abdul Nabi Bhutto and Ghulam Mustafa Bhutto) anywhere for any suitable job, it will be very kind with us. We both are facing very difficult time. we have families with children and all the responsibilities are on our own shoulders. Any act of kindness from you may return our lost happiness and joy at home.

    Abdul Nabi Bhutto
    Ex. Library Asst. TIP

  2. hi students,

    i am ex-emply of tip abi tak mujhe TIP na mari clearance nahi di. one month time time dia tha aor ab 2 1/2 months ho gay haan. mara pass koi job bhi nahi hai. koi hai jo mary is masla ko hal kare. i am email id is worng.

  3. Dear Abdul Nabi and Ghulam Mustafa!
    I know you are both very hard working and honest individuals. May Allah Bless you with the courage to face this hardship. Can you send your CV on my e-mail?

    Dr. Abdul Jabbar
    Ex- faculty at TIP

  4. Dear Abdul Nabi and Ghulam Mustafa

    Kindly send me your resume at
    I will try my level best to arrange the interview

    Arsalan Zahid
    Batch 2005
    Faculty, Mohammad Ali Jinnah University

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