SIUT Collection-A Project by Rotaract TIP

Our Society, nowadays, is suffering from all kinds of challenges. From food crisis to economic problems, we have been put into a situation where majority doesn’t have the money to buy necessary foods items. Moreover, society’s bad environmental conditions are playing a critical role in increasing various diseases and health problems. Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation (SIUT) was established to help poor people get cheap/free kidney transplants and similar treatments. For this purpose, SIUT has always looked towards the middle-class and rich people to donate for this cause. Considering this, Rotaract Club of Textile Institute of Pakistan (TIP), kept its tradition by launching a funds collection campaign from 8th September to 12th September.

TIP is a private chartered degree awarding institution and the majority of students studying here are from middle or upper middle class. It is no doubt a fact that each and every TIPian can donate something for this cause without any hesitation. Rotaract TIP has been doing its SIUT funds collection from the few past years where last time we collected around 21,000 rupees in 3 days; which showed the interest and passion of the students to help humanity. This time SIUT collection came just after the initiation of the Holy month of Ramadan. The project was planned by the directors of vocational and community services where the coordinators were MOHSIN MADAD ALI, SAAD TALAT, AQSA TASLEEM, AMNA KHAN, AHMED A REHMAN, RAMEEZ AHMED KHAN AND IBAD-UL-ISLAM. On the morning of 8th September, 3 boxes with three posters were placed at three different locations of the campus. One box was placed inside the library, second on the main walkway and third in the admin department. On the boxes, the name of SIUT was clearly mentioned, moreover a bunch of brochures were also placed along with the boxes to make people aware of SIUT and this funds collection.

Rotaractors were told to make the best use of time and do roam around with the boxes during their free slots. Rotaractors, as usual, felt that energy in themselves during the campaign and took the boxes to each and every class room and even to every faculty and admin member. From first to fourth years, from newly inducted freshmen Rotaractors to vice president, each and every member of the club put their best effort to collect money for a cause. Many of them were seen motivating people around the campus about the importance in helping humanity and making a change.

On the other side, students and faculty members were already contributing their best. I can remember few students who donated 300-500 rupees as well. In the last slot of Friday, after Namaz-e-Jumma, the BOD took part in the counting of money. It was again a wonderful experience as we all again got a chance for fellowship during the money counting. It took around half an hour and when all the collections were summed up, they made a total of 14,600 rupees! Wow! We all were amazed at this zeal and zest of TIPians and appreciated each others efforts in this collection campaign. All of these funds were later deposited into the bank and then transferred in the favor of SIUT through a cross cheque.

Once again believing in the idea of “Do what you can, with what you have and where you are”, Rotaract TIP executed the project during a tough academic and Ramadan schedule. The theme was to keep doing something for the humanity and making the best use of your time. We would like to thank all the BOD, Rotaractors, TIPians and faculty members for their participation. We would also like to thank Nida Yousuf for her encouragement for the project, she was the one who kept messaging and calling us for the updates and keep giving us ideas to improve our club. May Allah keep giving us the courage and strength to continue doing such projects since this is the only way to satisfy our souls in this materialistic and self oriented world.

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  1. I am so inpressed by these hypocrites in Rotract who always come forward to publish there names just by attending simple meetings or by just carrying the boxes, I know the truth and that is Faisal, Rahim Jindani and Jhonty (Mustafa) were the true work force whome i would like to congragulate personally… and mr ahmed it would be nice if u start appreciating other people and thier ideas, rather thann hitting people on their backs and faces….

  2. nice to know some one showed up. guess what when i heard that someone is saying bulshit about siut project i got mad really mad and thought to insult the person on the spot but when i read yur comment then i got fully calm, because i was the centre of attention for you which i really dont care. i would want people to post their comment in complaining as to what wrong am i doing but i dont want any negative comment for rotaract or any of its project.

    well friend you are right the credit entirely goes to mustafa, rahim and faisal and i am myself proud to have them on the team. i did nothing no doubt. all of this has been acheive by the team of rotaract and i am proud of my rotaract team for working so hard. please keep up the good work friends specially rahim and rameez.

    i hope i have attone my mistake MR insane.

    i was just supervising so really dont need credit at all. MR insane i am part of rotaract because i want to do something for the humanity without taking the credit and so far that is what i was doing but it seems that no buddy is observing that. anyways doesnt matter, the bottom line is i am always ready to appreciate every one as long as their hardwork benefits rotaract the moment it does i promise i would be no longer a part of rotaract, in return just want people to work not for credit but for the betterment of humanity






  3. “ahmad hum becharay rotract walon ko chor k mat jao, hum tumhare baghair survive nahin kar sakay gay. hum se to kuch bhi manage nahin hoga. tumhari supervision k baghair to rotract tip doob jayegi.”

    CUT THE CRAPPPP!!!!!!!!!

  4. Ahmed, you shouldn’t have replied. Let people say what they want; everyone knows how hard you work for rotaract.
    Mr. Insane,
    Next time we’d love it if you could join in on any rotaract project. Aside from me, everyone works and you’ll realise what a team effort it is. Please don’t insult any particular member of the society for no reason.
    If you have criticism of an actual constructive nature, we’d love to hear it.

  5. taking credibility and working hard…wasnt the cause and should not be the cause of such fund raisals!
    Mr insane and Mr ahmed!can we pls give a constructive turn to this ruthless discussion? can we just not think about the suffering lads laying down their at SIUT and otha places for whom you people spared some time out.
    pls dun let ur and others TIPians efforts go in vain by making such a fuss out of this.

    All the Alumni would love to participate in such fund raisals…pls count our donations too:) n advise any bank acount no or trustworthy person whom to donate to.


  6. Ahmed, you shouldn’t have replied. Let people say what they want; everyone knows how hard you work for rotaract.

    [Hypocrisy Starts] Lemme reply to Mr. Insane now though i advised Ahmad to not reply to him … [Hypocrisy continues] Mr. Insane,
    Next time we’d love it if you could join in on any rotaract project. ASIDE FROM ME, Hey wait i said except me, i mean to say other than me everyone works, (oh come on its not embarrassing at all, its quite simple that i dont like to work coz am a celebrity am female, u know … So i was saying, EXCEPT ME everyone works) and i dont even hold boxes …( hehehe … isn’t that funny?)

    and you’ll realise what a team effort it is … yea a team without me (their leader) … as i explained earlier very proudly that i dont work, hehehe i jus dont like to u know … lease don’t insult any particular member of the society for no reason.
    If you have criticism of an actual constructive nature, we’d love to hear it … Yea WE … Again WE, (here am involved … yaahoo) … See i just did sumthing easier than even holding boxes …

    [/Hypocrisy ends]

  7. tumhari supervision k baghair to rotract tip doob jayegi

    well, try giving credit where due. It’s the only sane way to go about. Until a while back, Rotract TIP had virtually stopped existing. Then came the revival bit when apparently big projects were held by a group of inaccessible snobs who mainly belonged to last years BBA4. And guess what was the reality of those mega projects? They were actually event management assignments and academic projects that were projected as those by the Rotaract. If Rotaract is anything today, it’s really because of Rahim, Ahmed and their team. Jonty deserves credit too. I know Mustafa seems to have kinda withdrawn from the main picture, but that’s political stuff. There are people against him and they deserve to be shat on the face. We wont discuss it here.

  8. There’s no hypocrisy involved, Malik. Technically the president really doesn’t work. I just take the blame when things go wrong and give credit where it’s due for a project well done. It’s not Ahmed’s job to defend him, but mine since he’s in my team. Why do I get the idea you have a personal grudge against me here?

  9. [ROFL] Technically the president really doesn’t work [/ROFL]

    U invented this technicality? 🙂

    No i dun ve any personal grudge against u, u are a sweet gal, at times i feel like am being hard on u, but its good for u … No? criticism is always good if its productive … what wrong if someone is telling u that as a president u should be the first person in any meeting or any activity or any project? If it shows u that i hate u or am accusing of something out of nothing … then u ve all rights to think that i ve personal grudge against u …

    When u have a responsibility, u should be ready to hear criticism … otherwise leave the job.

    No hard feelings …

  10. For once ROTARACT TIP is making a noticeable, seemingly sustainable effort.

    I also agree with the president. It’s the presidents duty to make sure someone’s there to represent the club and not do everything him/herself.

    TIPian’s must realize this. They have to step out of their days of pointing out that the TISF sports secretary wasn’t there to mop the basketball court before the tournament. That’s not his responsibility.

  11. Adding to the topic, if any of you are still interested in a mentorship programme for underprivileged kids, please contact Mr. Shujaat Alavi. He’s the country manager at Novozymes and he was still looking for people who can contribute to the cause.

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  12. @Insane

    hhmmm rotract hmm sarey members hi achey hain .. let me tell my honest opinion … yeh jo SUIT ka project hua .. zaroori nahi key app Box ley ley kar ghoomo or force karoo key ” Donate donate”…….kisi key pass us waqt donate karney key liye money nahi huay tu … woh humilation feel kar sakta hai .. maine rahim mein yehi dehka its true he is working hard liken this is not the way key library mein boxses ley ley kar ghoomo or force karo (NOT specifically talking about rahim) ….. So … Ahmed and all rotract members sirf zabanyi bhi bol rahey they key ” Box wahan place hai kindly donate” …

    Hath mein boxses ley ley kar ghoomna or har kisi ko force karney ka matlab yeh hargiz nahi hota key usney sab se zyada kaam kiya … tum ko kya maloom koi show off nahi karna chahta hoo… may be Ahmed and other rotract members ney back pe kaam kiya ho.. you never know!!!

  13. I request all the people to stop comenting and utilize thier time to work constructively … and regarding pappu sahib …. sir its nothing humilating i tell u… If u dont hav any thing at that perticular moment we are not forcing you we were just reminding you because the campaign was to end.. and most of teachers dont get enough time and the visiting faculty to see the boxes and find them if u tell them they feel that there is some work going on …. and if they feel interested they like to work for it…. So cheers and never feel humilated in saying whats right….

  14. Couldn’t help but notice,

    Malik, since when have you become an authority on What is good for someone or not?

    Because seriously if that is the case, then Why aren’t the student body heads holding a meeting and curbing the issues that face the institute?

    Just an outsiders point of view….

  15. General views fatty 🙂 Nothing personal about anyone …

    Generally it just feel ugly when someone is holding a presidential position just to make his/HER CV more attractive and doing nothing for the organization … Coz of self made technicality or something like that …

    Just one honest point of view …

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