Siyasi Ghat Jhor… 2010

By Iqra Izhar, FDM-1

Elections in TIP… a very good experience, a little different indeed from what I had in past, I had been through. The difference was that at least in those elections I saw competition, not one but two at least and sometimes even more than two candidates competing for one position.

In TIP elections, one seat one candidate, where is the thrill. Helloooo!!! Only 3 people out of 278 were interested in elections?? Where were the rest?? Not even least bothered or majra kuch aur tha, ya ander he koi setting karli gae thi??? Whatever it was, all we first years saw was tension, thrill, excitement, happiness and drama.

For the candidates competing, unopposed it was an obvious win for them. Well we can see students at TIP are pretty much inspired by the ways of Pakistani Government, as planned elections 2010.

Last but not the least, I congratulate all the winners and hope to see a change under their Hakumat J Best of luck!!!

Congratulating Three newly elected TISF officials:

Asim Hussain – President
Sabur Iftikhar – General Secretary
Muhamad Hasseb Khan – Finance Secretary