Some statistics, before we proceed

  • First post was made on August 21, 2003.
  • Quack! Online is 4 years, 0 days old.
  • Average of 0.29 posts per day in the past week.
  • Average of 0.27 posts per day in the past month.
  • Average of 0.24 posts per day since the start.
  • Average of 22.00 comments per post in the past week.
  • Average of 9.75 comments per post in the past month.
  • Average of 8.38 comments per post since the start of the blog.

There are currently 347 posts and 2,942 comments. That. is. a. lot.

8 Replies to “Some statistics, before we proceed”

  1. Well done, Abid!

    By the way, what would you say about the fact that people take little interest in textile-related posts, but the response rate has been significantly high for comments filed under Opinion?

  2. lol. to be very honest i never actually tried to read a textile related post. good question there.

  3. 8.57 comments per post filed under Opinion. Quack! is immature as a newspaper, which means that we have more opinion posts than news or textile-related posts. And also, one would have a counter-opinion more often than a comment on a news item.

    The Quack! editorial team is focused on bringing more news in. We are even experimenting with a ‘Pakistan Textile News’ section on the sidebar.

    Anyhow, Quack! has survived four years thanks to its many writers and readers.

  4. i think studies are enough to discuss textiles or perhaps students are not interested in discussing textiles… people want something else….Quack! has now got some excellent writtings and its standard is increasing continuously…nice work and congrats!

  5. Actually we should congratulate ourselves for this achievement we make up quack for what it is. Write more and write what is relevant and I’m sure people will be interested in reading it.

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