TIP SMS Alert Service

Textile Institute of Pakistan introduces its own SMS alert service for the students. All important notifications will be sent to the students directly on their cell phones. Cool huh!

I have one more suggestion, Nowadays most of the reputable institutes have their web-mail powered by Google. With a nominal yearly subscription fee Google provides you to make unlimited accounts using your own domain, tip.edu.pk (in case of TIP), with unlimited storage facility and for unlimited time period, which means even if the student graduates from the institute he can still be allowed access to that email ID (mostly based on Student enrollment number). I hope our management would give it a consideration and hope we move toward more better means.

4 Replies to “TIP SMS Alert Service”

  1. Very cool idea…. Thank you for pointing it out. Please raise this at the appropriate forum, so all relevant aspects of this suggestion are reviews including costs. And lets go for it!!!

  2. Its a very good thing, and I gave that idea 1 year back but one of our faculty member said that TIP students may misuse their email and cause destruction to TIP name.

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