Welcome to Quack, the TIP weekly

Quack has its beginnings as the weekly student news bulletin of the Textile Institute of Pakistan, established by Rabia Shah (class of 2002) in 2001. During Rabia’s reign as Editor, Quack became an important part of the TIP culture. Students would eagerly wait the time Monday morning, when the latest Quack would be posted on the notice boards. Quack became not only an important source of news at TIP, it also was an outlet for students to vent their feelings, frustrations, and aspirations about TIP, its administration and faculty.

This website aims to re-invograte what Quack stood for, by providing an easy outlet for students to post their views, news, and anything else they may want. This website is a typical blog (web log), where registered users can easily post articles. These articles will be available online for comment and review, before the best and most relevant few are selected for publication in the print edition.

All Tipians are welcome to contact the author to register.

7 Replies to “Welcome to Quack, the TIP weekly”

  1. This is a test comment, to test the commenting system for the first entry in this blog.

    Other students are encouraged to comment on articles, so we can have some feedback!

  2. Unfortunately, My stay in Tip is over now due to my badluck. Ne ways i wish i would be there with you ppl this year too. Neways ( God’s Will ).

    I miss all you ppl— i have been there for two years but its the best two years in my life.

    Best of luck for all u ppl for the rest of the year

  3. hey
    abid omar
    thanx for the comment @ my blog site .
    well i cleared the tip test thingy and in fact i got the higest marks total after the test and interview . but it was just kay my father thought tip is not recognized and “mashoor” and a la mode thing to do .. i have visited your campus and i love the aura and stuff there but i am sure kay tip will recognize and eventually sustain itself as a calibre pakistani universtiy .. dr shoaib is gr8 and so is the kool maam @ tip city office .. dont know her name
    i heard some funny ragging stories from your campus this year like seniors ragged the freshmen by ordering them to measure their dick measure dimensions .. ufff thats too much XTREME
    i know one guy who lives near my house .. in fact two guys from tip who lives near my house and they sound plus look good
    kash meray abba maan jatay aur main bhi tip main masti chasti karta
    as a couplet goes in urdu
    qais sehra main akela hai mujhay janay do
    khoob guzray gi jo mil baithaingay dewanay do

    zohaib ali 🙂
    and yes i have skimmed through this quack offroad thingy too
    good job tisf

  4. Naaa, the ragging here is probably not so bad. Rumours tend to be exaggerated. But we do make people do some crazy stuff… can’t tell you here, it’s something to be experienced, not told about!

    Good luck with NED! I have a friend who graduated from there 2-3 years back. He came out fairly intelligent, so it can’t be all bad.

  5. ***** Quack its really a good and an attractive website. Every tipian know about quack so its famous among the tipians and now its permanently a well maintained website so KEEP IT UPPPP> BEST OF LUCK ********

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