Where did all the Butterflies go…?

TIP was pleased by the visit of Michael Esson; Dir. IDRI, Professor at Glasgow School of Art and Dong Hua University, China. His recent art work is on display at VM art Gallery, Karachi. He shared his experiences and knowledge in a one day seminar held at TIP auditorium. He was the first artist who resided at Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh, for his inspiration with human anatomy as an artist.

In first session, he gave a brief about his organization, International Drawing Research Institute at CoFA, UNSW in Sydney, Australia. CoFA is one of the leading art schools in Australia providing graduate courses, masters and Ph.D. degree in fields related to Arts & Design.

Then he shared his experience at Outside In; Drawing and Fashion, A dong Hua University Project. How he transformed his art work to make dresses and using the concept of human anatomy and surgical procedures and relating it to typical Chinese culture to form dresses.

In second session he started with a video, which I still can’t figure out what that was about. All those pictures on the wall formation of different objects and that series of people coming out of other people’s stomach and then that fat guy ate the head of small one. All those transformations, what I can relate it to were about human nature or the inside.

In the end he said that how things appear ugly to many people but how beautiful we can actually make them. Then came the president and gave his lasting words, a true artist is 99 % Perspiration and 1 % inspiration. Hopefully these students will perspire something new.