A pack of hounds

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Teachers here are no different than a pack of hound dogs left loose to literally hound their students. There is no check and balance on their activities – they do whatever they please, however they please. Course outlines, decided by a so-called ‘Academic Council,’ are barely followed and rarely covered. Assignments are a farce, as are the labs, and learning is scarce.

Plagiarism is once such concept that is strictly ‘enforced’ here at TIP according to our prospectus and every single course outline. And at the beginning of each semester, most teachers summarily state that plagiarism is unacceptable (reference: https://copyleaks.com/businesses/duplicate-content-checker-for-seo-agencies). But by the end of the semester most students submit assignments and give presentations that they acquired from senior students or from other colleges, which are then duly accepted by teachers and given wonderful results. I’m sitting in the computer lab as a type this, and I see three design students (TD2) scan whole chapters from various books, OCR them, and prepare to submit them as “original assignments.” A presentation-cum-assignment I once made, I have seen submitted by different students to 5 different teachers. Some assignments in particular have been doing the ’rounds’ ever since I came to TIP.

Don’t teachers see this? Can they not identify when a student has plagiarized; copy-pasted of the internet, scanned from a magazine or book, or copied from another student’s assignment? Just this semester for a particular course I took, there were probably no more than three “different” assignments shared between 41 students and submitted to the same teacher – and with surety I can say that each of these “different” assignments are lifted from some other source.

I wouldn’t blame the students, they’re only working the loopholes in the university’s system. The blame lies squarely on the shoulders of the administration who apparently doesn’t check on the activities of their faculty. Its time to put a leash to these hounds.

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  1. we should mind our langauges before we right anything.This is very much unethical calling teachers as hounddogs.
    and i would say to everyone who reads this to wite a comment against this article, so that next time this type of comment doesnt appear.

  2. havent we forgetton our ethics? “YES” we have very much because before using these cheap words for the most expensive people shows what value do we do to things and how will we perform in the market if we cant value things here how will we do it further.

  3. hey abidoo:)…nice article..ma friend i lik it;)…remeber evn u took an activ part in 3assign/41studnts plagiarizm. n not 2 forget dyeing lab report;) …newyz i knw itz not da good thin 2 do..coz i rem evn thr ve guys who submitted photocopied assignmnet of thr fellow students in 3/41 plagarizm…khair who cares…chill Abid!!..hav fun n happy new year…

  4. here comes the first post of year 2006

    well abid u should have had used some other noun for describing our beloved teachers other than ‘hounddogs’
    hound dogs deserve an apology from ur side
    about plagiarism do we students are given enough time to fully carry out a report study NO how can it happen when the semester is of only 4 months and out of those 4 months 3 have exams. surely TIP’s academic council has to do something about it
    akhir kar B GRADED institute hai!!!!

  5. Teachers know everything Mr.Abid. Who copies and who put in hard work. and they give marks accordingly. We are not kids that everytime we make an assignment teachers should inject in our head that “Dont copy” we have been told once and we should follow the rules but u know its we who dont follow the rule because we are currupt. “Hum jaisay dheet log dunya main nayee hain.” Students copy paste and dont even read what they have copy pasted.

    But not all students plagarize i have seen some good students surveying and searching a lot before they submit an assignment. Even Mam Rakshanda give good marks to only those assignments which are written in our own words rather than a copy paste.

    Then there are students who are wiling to do the assignment after a good research work but their group members come up with a previously written reports of IBA and other universites and say “Mehnat karnay ki kiya zaroorat hai yehi dai daitay hain.”

    Students are definitely currupt not teachers. What teachers have to lose after a copy paste assignment Students lose a lot. I have spent almost 4 years at tip and my peers who have done social loafing in the 1st semester are still doing social loafing and copy pasting because honesty is absent from the students side. Teachers can never be blamed for these things. If only we could realize our mistakes and rectify!!!!!!!

  6. This is really, unacceptable. You just cannot write what ever you feel like.
    This article needs to be edited on top urgent bases.
    WHo ever has written it SHOULD learn how to respect Teachers!

  7. I almost agree with what Abid has tried to say in this article because even though I’ve spent only a semester here at TIP, I have observed the same trend among the students.

    I don’t think there’s anything disrespectful in the article. The amount of frustration I have undergone, here at TIP, during just one semester, is enough for me to come up with even worse words.

    I advise people who think that the teachers have been disrespected and called ‘hound dogs’ in the literal sense should do the following:

    a) Learn the meaning of the word ‘analogy’.

    b) Learn to accept the fact that they are at UNIVERSITY LEVEL and should become mature enough to accept* stronger, sometimes harsher facts that come their way.

    c) Learn to accept criticism.

    d) And finally, learn that the teachers here are, hopefully, mature enough to accept negative criticism positively. Everyone playing their part in improving themselves on an individual level would, obviously, ensure a better and positive image of the institute for the world.

    Let me add that what Abid has said does not apply to each and every teacher, but many of them.

    *I have noticed how some warm blooded, patiotic students and teachers react when you tell them about some genuine problem that you face at TIP, regularly.

    ME: TIP mei research work hota hai?

    THEM: Err..well..not really…but look how beautiful the campus is!!

  8. Have taught at TIP, and would like to comment.

    I wouldn’t start nagging the author on his choice of words, it is a free world, we render a service and get paid for it. It isn’t the ol epoch anymore, where sages were “respected” by their disciples, so “welcome to the new world” is all I can say. Suggestions and advices are the only things I have ever extended and would do the same now. Would suggest that the authors (in future) use words that attract attention on the issue at hand, and not their literature, and would suggest the teachers to focus their attention and “actions” on the issue of plagarism instead of the desperate words of the author.

    Having said this, I believe that the way assignments are given off to the students, suggest that the sole purpose it to take away some marks from the students’ grip and to put them in our own, so that failing students could be given a facelift on the discretion of the teachers and the “score freeloading” type could be controlled to normalize results. I discovered that this was happening with me, and that was the sole reason that first, I supplemented the assignments with a viva and later abandoned the idea of a written script altogether.

    The way teaching is carried on in Pakistani Universities, it is difficult for students not to plagarize just as it is difficult for a hungry dog not to fall on an aromatic leftover. 😉 (Hope you can bear this ejaculation, tit for tat, they say !!)

    I have perpetually suggested that methods of teaching and imparting of knowledge should be radically challenged all the time. Teaching methods are never fail safe and students keep on discovering loopholes in the system and cashing them in. It is the teachers’ fault at large, and the administrations’, in case teachers are overloaded with work at the institution.

    I do not know the reason why teachers wouldn’t do away with the written script assignments as they clearly involve plagarism. “Academic dishonesty” -as we call it at TIP- can be committed by both teachers and students, as I see it, however, the system only penalizes students, why SO???

  9. Very nice efforts abid…I really appreciate and strongly agree with u… “Allah karey koi tu action uthaey iss baat per” … in these final exams I even everyone noticed that our beloved DEAN was putting strong eye on every student as well as on teachers… just HOPING for the best!

  10. It wasnt all that bad at my time but then again TIP has never been student oriented so teachers always have their say.

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