A Point To Ponder Upon

At TIP, we go through a variety of courses, ranging from typical science courses to advance courses like Fiber Processing and Organizational Behavior. Students have shown a great interest in subjects related to presentation and management skills while subjects like Chemistry, Statistics, Physics and purely technical subjects have failed to grab the interests of students. In my focus of debate are two subjects, Pakistan Studies and Religion, which are perhaps the strongest victims of students ignorance.

Let us dig out some information about the subject called Pakistan Studies. This subject has been one of the most boring subject of all time. The mind boggling facts and figures, important events and their dates, names of political leaders, 14 points of Quaid-e-Azam and so on. Having studied these subjects both in matric and intermediate, students find it pathetic to face this trauma again. They always complain why they are being forced to study this course again? And the answer to their question is always the same. “The subjects are required to pass in, just because of our degree requirements”. It is a HEC policy that every institution awarding the bachelors degree should include these subjects to their course of studies. The same story is with “Religion” and very little interest is shown by the students in this course too.

It has been around five weeks since the semester’s started. Our Pakistan studies lecture is being arranged with another class, so in all it makes around forty students. The attendance of students in the very first class wasn’t good enough and the unfortunate thing is that it is getting poorer and poorer. In fact, less than half of the students attended the previous lecture.

Well neither can we eliminate these subjects nor can we choose any other substitutes for these. Rather, I have a few suggestions for the students so that they can minimize the boring aspect of these subjects. Some of the points are:

1) Students must realize that being a Pakistani, it is their supreme duty to take active interest in the history and geography of the country.

2) Students should take this course as a platform or an interesting TV program where they all can participate and can share their views.

3) Luckily, we are studying in a world-class institute where we are provided with highly educated and intelligent faculty. Therefore, we should take our Pakistan Studies or Religion instructors as a bonus to us and should try our best to take out as much information a possible from them as possible.

By considering the above statements, these boring subjects can easily be converted into interesting subjects. When students will debate in these subjects, the instructor of the course will feel proud of his/her students and will strive further to make the course more interesting and student grabbing.

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