A request….

By Waqas Bin Azhar, TMM4
I request TIP management to postpone the Poster presentation due to the present situation, throughout the country, especially in Karachi as 3 bomb blasts happened lately. It would be better to carry foreword and arrange it in the early days of next semester in main campus.

It will also give the opportunity to outstation student to present. If this is possible for TIP management so please ponder over it, this is just a request

6 Replies to “A request….”

  1. I think Waqas is quite right nd the management should ponder over it coz v haven’t print posters yet so when will v sbmit it, when the situation is like this, so TIP must take some measures over it. thnks…

  2. i hope management wont ask students to put on bullet proof jackets and helmets and attend the poster presentation …
    u can expect nething … šŸ˜›

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