Anthropometry; TIP… What?

By Parvindar Lal, AMM4

Anthropometry ((Anthro = Man, Pometry = Measurement, literally meaning “measurement of humans”), in physical anthropology, refers to the measurement of living human individuals for the purpose of understanding human physical variation.

Importance of Anthropometry

• Evolutionary significance-changes in humans overtime
• For medical usage such as; weight control and plastic surgery.
• To determine best design for both the weapon and the uniform fit for the army.
• It also plays an important role in industrial design, clothing design, ergonomics, and architecture and in your everyday life.
• Working examples: Hand geometry, face verification, finger print recognition and many others.

As part of their final year research project, some students of AMM4 (Mahira Fawad, Muhammed Mangel and Parvindar Lal) are conducting a research project on anthropometry and the purpose of this article is to create awareness amongst those who don’t know or haven’t ever heard of this term before. Our main objective is to develop a standard size chart for the age group of 14-22, which will be given to the Pakistan stitching industry and/or fashion designers to decide the range of clothing sizing to be manufactured in a mass scale. We are initially going to work out the dimensions of equipment being used at TIP such as cutting table height and pattern construction table height etc. We will develop standard sizes for school uniforms as well, and for that we will be conducting survey at different schools and universities and we want you to support and cooperate with us in achieving our outcomes of the project. We are going to start our survey at TIP very soon; students from the age group of 18-22 will be included.

As every country has its standard size chart except Pakistan. This data will not only be helpful for the Pakistan clothing industry but this can be beneficial for developing ergonomics standards, army (to design weapons and uniforms), Pharmaceuticals companies, and software companies as mentioned above.

For example; when you go for shopping you don’t know which size fits you because every company has its own sizes, (there are difference in US-medium and UK- medium) and our local manufacturer just copying that sizes and are making it. They don’t have the sizes of their target market. Once the standard size chart will be prepared, manufacturer can make according to the Pakistan’s demographics. This will be useful for the local brands as well as for the international brands that are running their brands in Pakistan.

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