Business Communication Basics: Cover Letter

I recently had a chat with a third year business student from TIP regarding her upcoming internship, and was shocked to learn she had no idea what a ‘cover letter‘ was! If these important basics are not taught to aspiring business managers in their ‘Business Communication’ courses, what exactly is?

Well, worry not, for you can always rely on Quack! We’ve carefully selected an excellent video for you that aims to teach you how to write your first cover letter.

4 Replies to “Business Communication Basics: Cover Letter”

  1. hahahah good one furhan thas a nice vdo and im sure not only the third years but a lot of other ppl might also benefit from it..
    all in all a good vdo.

  2. well!! thanx alot furhan…..good one….those ppl will definitely benefit who have forgotten how to write one or who were not even taught once.

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