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There’s a lot of talk going on amongst the freshmen about getting their papers rechecked. It seems as if a lot of people have been awarded unpredicted grades. I’ve heard numerous students saying that their final grade differed from what they had been getting in their hourlies by two notches or more. Students often go about making such claims without realizing that semester grades are not just based on the hourlies and final exams. Quizzes, assignments, reports, labs, summaries and class participation contribute towards the final result depending on the breakups listed in the course outlines.

If after considering these points you still feel that something’s wrong then papers can be rechecked and scores recalculated on payment of Rs. 500 per subject. For more information contact Mr. Adil, Student record Officer.

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  1. Aasim, about the grading system, I have problems with it. There has to be a set policy that all the teachers teaching the same course should follow. For example, Shehzad Qureshi taught us(TMM-1) Textile-175 in the first semester, and Ali Hafeez taught the same to TDT-1.
    Not a single student got an A grade in the finals while the TDT-1 students got many. For us ‘B’ was the highest. Don’t u think there must be atleast ‘one’ bright student who deserved to get an ‘A’?

  2. correction..!…paperz will not be rechecked in any instance…they will only be recalculated! howeva if there will be any answer left unmarked it will be taken into account!

  3. Dear Anonymous,

    I agree with you, a single subject should have a uniform grading policy.

    You should try and forward the word to the authorities through your class representative.

  4. Teachers are not robots. You cannot expect two teachers to teach the same subject in a similar manner. If that were the case, they would be room place for creativity or individual attention. The classroom experience is unique to every teacher their students.

    You can have standardized tests, but not standardized teaching. If two teachers give different grades on the same test, it’s because they have different expectations.

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