Written by: Ganwa Khaskheli who witnessed the journey of TIPians in SiMERGE.

Congratulations is long overdue to the Team TIP for sweeping 2nd Position in SiMERGE!

So here we are with 2nd position at KSBL SiMERGE 2015!!

Frankly speaking, I wasn’t expecting that the team would be ready to go for this competition and that’s what was happening till the last moment but luckily the team showed the confidence and came with me for this competition. We all were confused, a little bit nervous as well that will we be able to make it or not but at the same time we were also prepared for even if we will win or lose at least we will try and give our best to make our TIP proud

No doubt it was a really tough competition, it was the Simulations which we didn’t even tried and were not taught to conduct before and we were having an inter university competition in that where  teams from all over Sindh universities were participating. Our competitor team members were not even only from the BBA but there were MA Graduates as well.

Trust me, although Simulations were hard but as we started them, we started enjoying, it was like a game of the mind which we have to play just for ones and win… No second chance to play that section again… JUST DO OR DIE.

Simulations were of 4 different types (i.e. HR, Finance, Supply Chain and Marketing), two of them were conducted on the first day which ended up with a social event that was a concert of Ali Azmat, and 2 of them were conducted on the other/final day, in the end there was a main presentation in which we had to perform our best as we can because that presentation was occupying more points than a single simulation to turn the table. So we had to perform our best in it.

After all the struggle of our team, we were finally waiting for the final results in KSBL’s Auditorium and then they started distributing the certificates to those who participated in SiMERGE 2015 in an envelope along with a copy of final results in that which nobody knew because they said the result will be announced later. So the team went to stage to collect that envelop of certificates and came back to the seats. Meanwhile, I was just praying to God for the team success so that we can make our TIP proud. The teams opened up envelop to have a look on the certificates but wait!! What we just found in their!!! Oh My God, we got the 1st Runner up position (2nd Highest), for which we were hoping but didn’t expected!! And in a few minutes, while we were celebrating without telling anyone that we know we got the position, the results got announced, the CEO of Dabur was there on the stage and we were called upon to come on the stage as we got the 2nd highest position in the competition.

After all that celebration we had a dinner with the Top known CEO’s to connect and get some information or knowledge from them, that was organized by KSBL SiMERGE 2015. And all gone well because we had a Happy Ending J

At last I want to say Thanks and appreciate our two most kind seniors, Mr. Umar Bin Aslam(Batch 2011) and Mr. Ali Raza Bajwa, Graduates of 2012 batch, they were there all the time for us for motivating us every time we needed. We are really honored to have such great and kind Alumni with us who can be there for TIP anytime to serve.

I hope I conveyed everything clearly to you all. Applause for the Team, we made it… 🙂