Happies… Endings!!!

After long vacations we were back at TIP Bin Qasim campus on January 31, 2010, for an event which was no ordinary one, it was the 10th Convocation of Textile Institute of Pakistan. TIP awarded degrees to the graduates from the class of 2009. Offering programs in Textile Science, Management, Design and Apparel, TIP has now more than 700 graduates working efficiently for the betterment of textile industry, this year around 95 students graduated to join the force. The keynote speaker, Chief Executive and Chairman of Unilever Pakistan Mr. Ahsan A. Malik, in his address said that these young and new professionals are to play their role as entrepreneurs in the new era of development of the nation’s future.

11 graduates were titled with academic honors with Ambreen Abdul Karim Khalani earning the gold medal and honored for representing the graduating class. This year’s ‘Eqbal Ahmed Award’, in memory of TIP’s late chancellor was awarded to Furhan Hussain.

The new president, Mr. Tariq Ikram, in his address stated the newly formed vision of Textile Institute of Pakistan and also the very steps taken towards the achievement of that vision, the new degree program of BBA-Fashion Design management is introduced and TIP has started its new city campus for first years.

In the end, I would like to congratulate all the graduates and wish them all the best in their up coming life… (Ameen)

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  1. Congratulations to our very own hero..Furhan! U deserved the Iqbal Ahmad dude! Btw its an honour to be in the background of your photo..lol

  2. Congrats to everyone of the graduates….u guys rocked!

    special congrats to Ambreen and furhan….:)

  3. @ Aasim: its both!…
    @ Furhan and Sarim: u guyz Look hawt 2gether!…
    Nd thanks to mOhsin and Amna for the article and wishes respectively!
    Do prAY FOR ALL OF US!!
    THank u

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