Need New Standards- HEC Visit.

Recently another dilemma happened at TIP- The High Education Commission committee came to TIP. Now as its 3:23 am and I am sitting alone in the dark so I hold immunity on whatever I write because: A) I am slightly fuzzy and B) the visit did piss me of- a little.

Let us start off with the day they came. It was last Thursday, the day I necessarily had to take an off. Have you seen that Zach GalIForLifeDontRememberHisName meme where it says that one day you don’t come and everything breaks out that’s what exactly happened. I did miss out an amazing thing.

So by gathering information from various people I am writing this article. I apologize if: A) I miss out anything and B) I miss out anything important.

Starting with the two people who came to inspect; I heard that one was extremely old and the other one was slightly old with- I am sure- years of experience under his belt but when he spoke he couldn’t be clearly understood; yes, gargled exactly like Shujaat Hussiain. He started with asking definitions of various subjects from students. However, this is not that alarming; interesting is that he wanted exact definitions with names of the books from where they came. 3 idiots anyone?!

Now why would anyone do that!?! Why don’t people understand the penance earned by concept building?! And who remembers word to word definitions?!  I must say yahi waja hai Pakistan taraqee nai kar raha!! These guys were graduates of American universities and thought that its important to know names of books by heart. Instead of getting knowledge of things we have to learn the placement of ‘and’ ‘called’ ‘because’ in a sentence. This is sad. Uncles needs to update himself.

Moving on, I heard that “bohat hatai” –quoted by letter. One pinpointed the fact TIP has few students due to the distance between city and campus. He said that Hamdard university covers 12 acers and is filled with students due to its location to which a student argued that TIP is 50 acers to which the reply came “han wo bhi aisa hee hoga.” Seriously, comparing us to Hamdard?! I have nothing against Hamdard but-just saying- even a Hamdard graduate don’t want to be compared to Hamdard.

Then came the food issue. Thursday is biryani day so he was really angry on the food. He didn’t like it and told so to Shiraz bhai who dead panned that if nobody likes it then they are welcomed to order catering services. Even the president said that it’s a student cafeteria how fancy can it be. And he is right even though we eat channa daal in quorma masala; A) we get food; we don’t starve and B) forever loyal to Shiraz bhai-with gusto. That man keeps our bags safe, people!

However, the bathroom issue tops the list. Girls and boys wash room face each other, it’s not right. Believe me I never for one second thought of this, so much so that when it was told to me I had to rake my brain on which wash room is being talked about but good guy committee member-bhai– noticed it all in one glance. I mean what the hell was happening!

Did they see how advanced the design students are?! How many events the management students setup?! Students are to be judged on what they could practically deliver not on what letters are stored in their brains. How sad is this standard! If this is the standard then, phe-lease, I donot want to be compared to it.

See the spelling I wrote wrong, my God! I should be killed!

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  1. This was seriously ridiculous. Just think how would you feel if someone ask you ‘ tell me the exact definition of marketing from the text book, you studied?’

  2. You never know the person who didn’t know the definition could become the next Phunsukh Wangdu *joke* . Well, that is our culture in studies and TIP is the only institute i saw who supports concepts. Before TIp I only knew one thing “Rattafication is the best qualification for examination”. GG HEC

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