New Weaving Website

Umair Saeed, TIP’s revered weaving lecturer, has launched a website on fabric technology and weave design at A very admirable effort. It’s about time other faculty members also put their course work online and move towards using less paper.

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  1. *********well websites like these are the main source of rich information and an extra ordinary step towards betterment of the student concept.*****

  2. thanks GOD and thanks to mr umair for launching the web site— definetily it will help a lot to the students — perticularly to those who are taking weave design /weaving courses—- i visited the site and found it a very help full to the students spacially to those who have to face lot of difficulty to get notes a the start of HOurlies–HAHAAHAHa …hope we will found more guiding data available on the website

  3. Ah ha ! Wats da address of da site . it should be given on quack so more the student will browse through it .

  4. it was really a HELP ….. somehtin tht i just wanted thank you for tht keep on doin such things ……. it really helps us out

  5. atta boy!!!!!though iam sure i’d be the last person under the moon to logon this site but can always appreaciate kick ass-quality hard work !!!

  6. please introduse me some jeans waeving factory in pakistan becouse we wana emport to iran.

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