Supremacy Of Attitude For Novice

Attitude perhaps is the most commonly used or abused terminology in todayØŒs business world. If you walk into a bookstore, you will find shelves filled with volumes written on power of positive thinking in the workplace, impact of positive attitude in personal or professional life, and how our attitude navigates us though success or failure?

Unfortunately, with so much information out there on how to develop a positive attitude, very little consideration is ever given to it. Attitude is taken merely as a nice word which most people use thoughtlessly in their every day vocabulary.

The most useful definition of positive attitude I came across recently, defines attitude as a verb, an action; a way of living which is reflected in our physical, moral and intellectual approach to life and in our daily human interactions. Our attitude is the way we choose to see and experience our world. How we perceive reality determines how we behave. And our actions govern our outcomes ، good or bad.

Positive attitude is undoubtedly a key prerequisite that any dynamic and progressive company looks for in a candidate. However, this subject hardly gets the attention it deserves, particularly in our educational institutions. Consequently, young professionals learn the hard way after entering their professional lives.

A common misconception about positive attitude is that it is often confused with enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is a reflection of hopes and dreams we have for ourselves and relates to the self only; whereas a positive attitude is what connects our internal self to our external environment. This link is what determines the course of our professional journey.

Try this, as you walk into your new office, take a few minutes to feel the moment. Look around you; take few deep breaths. You have just made history! This is what I felt when I was applying for call works anyways, this is the place which will always be reflected on your CV (think hard and objectively before you decide which company you would like to start your career with). Your positive attitude will enable you to look for opportunities in terms of how you can add value to this place and subsequently to yourself.

Therefore, work on your attitude by learning to see the bright side in every situation, while not ignoring what could go wrong. It’s all about finding a balance and this is the key to success.

but then again what do i know?

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  1. the only attitude i know ….is the TIP attitude….with lots of wannabe blonds…did that made any sense???… i will like to quote you ahmed…
    but then again what do i know?

  2. Ha ha!!By blondes you mean us log (the “desaiyeners”) nai? we’re not just blondes, we’re the platinum type!

  3. I really like the approach u show towards dis whole positive thinking and finding da silver lining everywhere, ahmed! I think u really got dis inner reflection that shows up in ur writing like some really spiritual monk 😛

    No no, hira, v designer ppl r double platinum type wid some real diamond topplings!!!

  4. he is just trying to prove some thing out, or rather trying to make him self known thats all he is trying to do ….

  5. i didn’t knew that designers got promoted to double platinium type with real diamond topplings…..!!!!!!!…..when did that happend??

  6. what an absolute delightful you have Ahmad.

    History has demonstrated that the most notable winners usually encountered heartbreaking obstacles before they triumphed. They won because they refused to become discouraged by their defeats and ahmad you are one of those prominent winners.

    after reading all of your articles i think no one can see their reflection in running water. It is only in still water that we can see


  7. Word of advice, lose the
    “what do i know” catch phrase it looks very out of place with the rest of your article. Makes it look like it was added as an after thought!

  8. Why Ali?

    this “what do i know” phrase is a style of Ahmed’s writing…whats wrong with that?…if you dont like this doesent means it looks out of place…Ahmed is an excellent writer and we all know that!

  9. I’m not questioning his writing skills, I’m merely giving my opinion that this phrase looks out of place…. Jazbati… 😛

  10. The choice of phrase is a loophole provided by the author to gracefully bow out of direct criticism on the subject matter.

    The author may have a reasonable grasp over vocabulary and grammar to get across a coherent idea, but is not willing to fully stand by his convictions. Thus the loophole.

    Suggestion: Embrace thyself, loose the phrase.

  11. So you exaclty means that the writer is trying to escape from criticism and further discussion by putting this sentence…that is not the case..the philosophy which writer has thrown in the writing is a genuine one..he has got a nice blend of IDEAS and VOCABS…the sentence itself says that writer is nothing and he(according to him) knows nothing and this is how good writers says about there writing…

    A scholar remains a scholar until he keep saying that he knows nothing and when he starts saying that he is the master of all things..mind you..he no more remains a scholar..!

  12. The other day in point me and ALI were confabulating about my article that there isn’t a single point on which any one could have an argument but,it seems that you people have found one so, i do hope ali must be very happy.

    Anyways MR AO if you had mention your name i would have appreciated it.I am not going to kill you or strangle you for posting a comment on my article therefore, do mention your original name please for next time.

    AS far as using this phrase is concern,it is inevitable observation that the locution do look out of place but, there is a logic behind it.In fact there is a logic behind everything. Everything in this world can be seen as you wish to. Good or Bad; Simple or Complicated; Easy or Difficult. Its not how things are; its about how you look up to them. …and how you look up to them is all up to you.” confused try this if i say a writer tries his level best to write a perfect article with no sign of amiss into, would that same writer be foolish enough to add a locution which people would consider it as an after thought “NO” and even if he does there must be a logic OR reason behind it and I am glad rameez was able to understand for which he deserve an adulation.

    Through this phrase i actually resort to circumlocution in order to avoid direct reference to my subject which portends that I don’t claim my self to be a good writer that is only when i compare my self with famous or renown writers. As a matter of fact, I also believe that other writers in quack are gifted with this inborn talent to write far better thought provoking and knowledgeable article for the silent readers which is beneficial for them in terms of inducing or inspiring them to share their thoughts and ideas as i did after reading rameez, hira and asim bhai article

    some of you again may find it difficult to accept this proposition that if a person have a power to do something good and he use it in a bad way then he is not far from that day when his power will deprive in addition using it in a bad way would result in an aftermath of implicating into the same conundrum that others faced for he misused his power right as what goes around is what comes around therefore, I don’t want to be a paradigm of this example. so, by using this phrase I motivate others that they are better whereas, i am only mark by a “good” label and that yes indeed as rameez said is the specialty of a self oriented writer because a writer’s first step is all that it takes to reach success through his writing. It shows his faith in his dreams. It shows his belief in himself. It shows he has the courage to move ahead.but, then again only in himself in spite of being as ostentatious in eyes of others since, In silence lies power.

    hope my comment was rational and if not then sorry this is the best i could do but then again what do i know exactly?
    since,i am just an average guy



  13. AO is me, Abid Omar, saving a few key strokes over my rationed internet access.

    Man, calm down on that ego. And the verbosity. To be a *good* writer, its really not enough to get an idea across. Think about the writing too.

    In other words, be passionate about the writing, not the sentence structure! Confabulate over that conundrum!

  14. oppps i am extremely sorry about that ABID BHAI i didnt know that it was you, anyways you said that

    “Man, calm down on that ego and verbosity”

    ok verbosity accepted. ego not accepted could you please tell me that did i write any sentence that express my egotism to you as far as i m concern I DONT THINK SO and even if i did then again i am sorry for that since, i didn’t mean to do it intentionally.

    And yes about the writing. in my knowledge the sentence structure is ingredient that makes a good writing.

    its an old saying or may be i made it myself lol

    “No one can see their reflection in running water. It is only in still water that we can see”

    in the same way,A sentence structure allows another person to see the reflection in the running water so, why not emphasizing more on it. rather than on the writing it self.
    do agree that one should be passionate but to fulfill this passion one has different aspects to consider and one of these aspect is SENTENCE STRUCTURE ISN’T IT.

  15. I dont think there is any flaw in this writting or this is a loose idea…i dont know why you are criticising his writing..kindly specify?

  16. Sadly, this isn’t even proper criticism. If you want that, try participating in some contests on flickr. : P

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